A favorite, inspirational video

So let us cut to the chase and view exactly what is going through my head and inspiring me to write.
Now that we’ve got that out of the way, just going through the post-Christmas pre-New Year’s part of the year pondering the next.
Traditionally, we’re still going through the 12 days of Christmas.
Jesus’ birthday seemed even less spiritual this year despite repeated viewings of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and reading the nativity passage from the Gospel of Luke.
The holiday seems over and done with as the decorations come down and the gift wrap gets thrown out.
Trying to find ways to keep entertained, I’ve been watching classic movies I’ve missed such as “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” and “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” on my new Kindle Fire.
Also re-reading “Spellsinger” as noted in my last blog entry. I’m sure I’ll write more about that next year.
A big thank you to my thoughtful roommates for the Kindle Fire gift.
Haven’t figured out how to text or write effectively on the Kindle yet, though.
Any movie suggestions welcome.
Will probably watch “The Hustler” next as it is considered a classic.
I’ll go out with a new video that showed up in my Facebook newsfeed thanks to Zooey Deschanel.

Zooey, I’m free but would need a babysitter for my daughter if you’re thinking about Times Square.


Bedtime Kahani / Positive Movie

Very little to write this week other than my plans for the weekend shown by clicking on the “Bedtime Kahani” link in my blogroll.
In addition, I had to miss a movie premiere and I’m wondering how I got on the list of invites.
The movie was “The Mighty Macs.”
The producer’s “mission statement” seemed attractive but the invitation came at such short notice that after RSVP-ing the invite went to Smita Lal and her husband (see link above) who enjoyed the movie.
Here’s the mission statement from the producer:

The mission of the filmmakers is to make movies that move people in a positive way. We have all seen films that have impacted us and changed the way we think and live. Films like Hoosiers, Rudy, Schindler’s List and many others that have impacted us and even in some cases changed us for the better. It is our hope that when people leave the theater after seeing The Mighty Macs, they leave inspired and impacted in a positive way. If you would like to help us increase the reach and impact of this film, please click on the share button above and tell your friends and family about the opening on October 21st. Encourage them to tell everyone they know and even if they want to buy out the theater for their local sports team or high school. Thank you for your support.

Tim Chambers
Writer, Director and Producer of The Mighty Macs

Running in Circles

A realtor's photo captures what the run with Rosie looked like near Hailey.

Maybe Rosie the Rhodesian Ridgeback is in a place where she can appreciate this story of human and animal interaction providing compassionate companionship to all.

In Idaho, we ran together down the road, out past the baseball field up into the foothills filled with sage and short, stubby trees.

We ran up a dusty path through brush toward a small mountain’s top.

She ran joyfully ahead and behind me in a figure eight to keep me safe.

Happy dog passing within reach each time, I’d reach out to brush my hand over her head and back as she ran past.

Peace-filled times long past.

Down in Texas, a long-lost friend died twice on the operating table.

She came back to life and was watched over at home by her guardian, a cat named Rocco.

Instant message excerpts from a few years back testify to Rocco’s character:

ME: And attack cat

HER: well, yeah, Rocco will purr a guy to death!

  actually he would probably just bite

ME: How are you now?

HER: fine.

  yard man is talking to next door guy

and Rocco is meanacingly at the window…lol.

 My boy cat, Rocco, is sensing my attention diversion…not just typing, like his mom does a lot, but true energy pulled away from him….he is acting out…he won’t stop jumping on the desk, patting the keyboard, now he has demanded my lap be his resting spot…funny how the living spirits in our lives are so intuitive. (mmm…”Fooling Yourself” is on now…)

ME: Why must you be such an angry young man?

ME: The cat – angry young man…


  Good one

  Yes, protective and fierce when he wants to be…

Then, as Rocco’s life neared it’s end a few weeks ago, came this message:

“I just woke up and am about to go back to sleep. Of course it is too late to call…
Saying I would call earlier was a statement I truly meant. And I am sorry to dissappoint you once again. I hope you can find forgiveness in your heart.
Tomorrow, the vet hospital has limited hours, due to Easter weekend, and I’ll only be able to visit Rocco in the morning (Jerry is working; extra overtime will help us with the billing for the baby boy.).
I plan to be home in the afternoon, and I know you have the kids, but maybe we could carve out a bit of time to chat.
It hurts so badly, Sam, knowing he is going to perish soon. My heart is breaking. Sometimes, that sweet spirit was the only reason for me to live; especially early on in my recovery.


Rocco’s life has ended.

His companion grieves.

She shared many tales of happiness with her cats and “baby boy” Rocco stands out as the guardian – the giver in a species known more for fickleness.

In my dreams, sometimes Rosie and I still run.

May my friend’s dreams be filled with pleasant adventures with Rocco, her guardian. protector and companion feline, as well.

Hi Mom!

“We love you!” Quentin appears below. He wishes you’d pose with him too. He sends his “Happy Mother’s Day” wishes from the moon.

Alyssa’s turn

I’m permitted to write about my daughter once more as long as I publish her works.

Here goes.

Poems  by Alyssa

Up on the shelf, a piece of  chocolate awaits me.

I know waits for me to eat it, but it is very high up on the shelf.

I try to get it but my hands get sweaty.

I ask my dad for it.

He gets the chocolate granola bar, with me waiting right next to him.

The end.

Quiet return

My quiet return hopefully will go unnoticed.

This makes a nice place to access from anywhere a journal of sorts that I’d like to keep.

Can’t do that with Word. Probably can use Google somehow but this proves the easiest method.

So many things have happened during the past two years in my little life and the Big lives of the children I care for who no longer want to be named in my blog.

The life-saving cat and companion were taken away.

Both children have moved in with me.

Heard my daughter and I could stay where we lived but my son had to go stay with his mother.

We all moved out.

We all moved into another place to be described later.

I began to read books again.

My daughter and I continue to fight for her imagination.

Job applications continue to turn into rejections with the “You were good – you were just not the BEST candidate” comment.

God and I still talk. He doesn’t say much.

I thank Jesus for his sacrifice and resurrection but still fail to fully comprehend the events.

On the whole, my life is being resurrected too.

It’s getting better all the time.

Feline calls for help

Oreo, a black and white cat, has become our hero thanks to his loud-voiced warning my daughter faced danger.

Thursday, July 23, I picked up my daughter, 8, and son, 11, from their summer daycamp and drove them to their mother’s home.

My son went right to sleep.

Alyssa began to play.

I began to clean up after frenzied cats that had scattered hot chocolate mix and a bag of catnip around the third-story apartment the children’s mother recently moved to.

Alyssa went out to play on the balcony. Since my attention was needed toward cleaning, I told her to come in.

I went into the living room that features a wall of windows looking out onto the balcony. I turned to the television.

About a minute later, Oreo began screaming. The noise the cat made could not be described as anything else.

It was loud enough to wake my sleeping son.

It was loud enough to draw my attention to the cat.

It was loud enough to draw everyone’s attention to the cat. Then I saw why the cat was screaming.

Oreo was against the window screaming at my daughter. My daughter was climbing over the balcony railing, stretching out, reaching her hand toward a small tree limb and risking a 35-foot fall to a sidewalk below.

My yell of “No!” froze my daughter, then she climbed down.

Oreo saved the day and probably my daughter.

My daughter explained she had been trying to grab a leaf off the tree and didn’t realize she might fall.

I explained to my junior botanist that there are safer ways to collect leaves.

We all gathered around Oreo and smothered him with affection.

He looked a bit puzzled before he reclined and purred with gratitude.