If I wrote something every time I was asked “What are you like?” it would always look different – except for the fact I am a Christian dedicated to following Jesus Christ and glorifying God.

I write. I enjoy playing with my children. I love the outdoors.
I’ve been a little homebound and want to get back to the outdoors and experience the wonder of God revealed in nature.
I am propelled through life by faith, drawn in many directions by curiosity, driven with a desire to help others, satisfied through fulfilling relationships and pushed by my creativity. I love camping, hiking, the outdoors, movies, theatre and writing. I enjoy learning new things. My hobbies include watching foreign films such as “My Life as a Dog,” hiking in the mountains, investing simulator games (so I don’t lose real money in the stock market) and finding outdoor activities and museums to enjoy with my children.

My careers have revolved around helping others, from an award-winning career in journalism to my current work as an HR analyst helping employees with their benefits. I am also pursuing freelance writing and learning technical writing.


8 Responses

  1. Nice Blog. You aren’t by chance the same Sam who emailed me at home after reading part of John Shore’s blog, are you? I am sending this from my work (dan.cartwright.ctr@mda.mil).

  2. Hi Sam:

    On John Shore’s blog-site you left the following comment:

    Hell yeah!
    But seriously, #16 and #20 bears out some of my own experiences. I read too much Carlos Casteneda I wish I could now unread.
    Went through the “Freedom in Christ” series recently and repeated my renunciation of Satan and his league of fallen angels (how’s that – I didn’t say “Minions” – which reminds me of foul-tasting and malodorous breath mints).
    This post deals with serious issues. Thanks be to God that there is protection in God and His power.

    Hi Sam:
    I’m curious about what your experiences may have been that convinced you about the reality of our adversary. Do you mind sharing at my private email address? I’m starting to think there are more people out there who have direct experiences but don’t want to talk about it. I was impressed with your boldness.

    Like your blog too!

  3. Where are you previous posts?

  4. Hello, SamWrites2!

    The two blogs I write in my own “voice”, more or less, can be found here_


    and here_


    The latter URL is for a beta site I’m helping a client develop for global musicians/bands and it’s still VERY much still in diapers.

    Although I have a “space” reserved here at WordPress, the where-do-I-find-the-time-for-myself issue is omnipresent because of my current client load. I write three other blogs, for clients and in their “voice”, but it would be imprudent of me to reveal who/where they are since my job is to be them.

    Always enjoy seeing your contributions here and at John’s! Hold fast to Jeremiah 29:11 and Judges 6:15-16. 😉

  5. Hello, Sam!

    Good stuff here! Just driving by for a quick hello, but wanted to let you know I’m reading 🙂

    As for your “voice”, it scans genuine to me.

    Now, back to the salt mines.

    :::trudge, trudge, trudge, blog, blog, blog:::

  6. Sam- Nice to find your blog. I appreciate your fresh approach. The world’s way too stuffy as it is. And thanks for including my blog on yours. I hope it’s helpful. Have a great day.

  7. Sam, heard you were looking for me. hope you are well…

  8. Sam,

    Talked to Gary and he gave me this link to you blog. Man, it’s a small world. Keep strong brother.

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