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Bedtime Kahani / Positive Movie

Very little to write this week other than my plans for the weekend shown by clicking on the “Bedtime Kahani” link in my blogroll.
In addition, I had to miss a movie premiere and I’m wondering how I got on the list of invites.
The movie was “The Mighty Macs.”
The producer’s “mission statement” seemed attractive but the invitation came at such short notice that after RSVP-ing the invite went to Smita Lal and her husband (see link above) who enjoyed the movie.
Here’s the mission statement from the producer:

The mission of the filmmakers is to make movies that move people in a positive way. We have all seen films that have impacted us and changed the way we think and live. Films like Hoosiers, Rudy, Schindler’s List and many others that have impacted us and even in some cases changed us for the better. It is our hope that when people leave the theater after seeing The Mighty Macs, they leave inspired and impacted in a positive way. If you would like to help us increase the reach and impact of this film, please click on the share button above and tell your friends and family about the opening on October 21st. Encourage them to tell everyone they know and even if they want to buy out the theater for their local sports team or high school. Thank you for your support.

Tim Chambers
Writer, Director and Producer of The Mighty Macs


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