Running in Circles

A realtor's photo captures what the run with Rosie looked like near Hailey.

Maybe Rosie the Rhodesian Ridgeback is in a place where she can appreciate this story of human and animal interaction providing compassionate companionship to all.

In Idaho, we ran together down the road, out past the baseball field up into the foothills filled with sage and short, stubby trees.

We ran up a dusty path through brush toward a small mountain’s top.

She ran joyfully ahead and behind me in a figure eight to keep me safe.

Happy dog passing within reach each time, I’d reach out to brush my hand over her head and back as she ran past.

Peace-filled times long past.

Down in Texas, a long-lost friend died twice on the operating table.

She came back to life and was watched over at home by her guardian, a cat named Rocco.

Instant message excerpts from a few years back testify to Rocco’s character:

ME: And attack cat

HER: well, yeah, Rocco will purr a guy to death!

  actually he would probably just bite

ME: How are you now?

HER: fine.

  yard man is talking to next door guy

and Rocco is meanacingly at the window…lol.

 My boy cat, Rocco, is sensing my attention diversion…not just typing, like his mom does a lot, but true energy pulled away from him….he is acting out…he won’t stop jumping on the desk, patting the keyboard, now he has demanded my lap be his resting spot…funny how the living spirits in our lives are so intuitive. (mmm…”Fooling Yourself” is on now…)

ME: Why must you be such an angry young man?

ME: The cat – angry young man…


  Good one

  Yes, protective and fierce when he wants to be…

Then, as Rocco’s life neared it’s end a few weeks ago, came this message:

“I just woke up and am about to go back to sleep. Of course it is too late to call…
Saying I would call earlier was a statement I truly meant. And I am sorry to dissappoint you once again. I hope you can find forgiveness in your heart.
Tomorrow, the vet hospital has limited hours, due to Easter weekend, and I’ll only be able to visit Rocco in the morning (Jerry is working; extra overtime will help us with the billing for the baby boy.).
I plan to be home in the afternoon, and I know you have the kids, but maybe we could carve out a bit of time to chat.
It hurts so badly, Sam, knowing he is going to perish soon. My heart is breaking. Sometimes, that sweet spirit was the only reason for me to live; especially early on in my recovery.


Rocco’s life has ended.

His companion grieves.

She shared many tales of happiness with her cats and “baby boy” Rocco stands out as the guardian – the giver in a species known more for fickleness.

In my dreams, sometimes Rosie and I still run.

May my friend’s dreams be filled with pleasant adventures with Rocco, her guardian. protector and companion feline, as well.


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