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Feline calls for help

Oreo, a black and white cat, has become our hero thanks to his loud-voiced warning my daughter faced danger.

Thursday, July 23, I picked up my daughter, 8, and son, 11, from their summer daycamp and drove them to their mother’s home.

My son went right to sleep.

Alyssa began to play.

I began to clean up after frenzied cats that had scattered hot chocolate mix and a bag of catnip around the third-story apartment the children’s mother recently moved to.

Alyssa went out to play on the balcony. Since my attention was needed toward cleaning, I told her to come in.

I went into the living room that features a wall of windows looking out onto the balcony. I turned to the television.

About a minute later, Oreo began screaming. The noise the cat made could not be described as anything else.

It was loud enough to wake my sleeping son.

It was loud enough to draw my attention to the cat.

It was loud enough to draw everyone’s attention to the cat. Then I saw why the cat was screaming.

Oreo was against the window screaming at my daughter. My daughter was climbing over the balcony railing, stretching out, reaching her hand toward a small tree limb and risking a 35-foot fall to a sidewalk below.

My yell of “No!” froze my daughter, then she climbed down.

Oreo saved the day and probably my daughter.

My daughter explained she had been trying to grab a leaf off the tree and didn’t realize she might fall.

I explained to my junior botanist that there are safer ways to collect leaves.

We all gathered around Oreo and smothered him with affection.

He looked a bit puzzled before he reclined and purred with gratitude.


3 Responses

  1. What a great video! I love how Oreo stops, looks up at the camera, then decides it’s OK to go back to clearing the wire basket so he can crawl in.

    Oh, and the copy ain’t bad either!

    Love this! Maybe make a play date with my boy Rocco and Oreo!

  2. That is an amazing story! It’s funny how cats seem to be guardians. Our cat insisted on going for walks with us when we were kids and one day she saw a snake on the track that we had not seen. It reared up at us and she stood between us and the snake and swiped at it. It promptly retreated! Your account of events set the whole incident up nicely. Well written!

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