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Writer’s Bloc – Children Set Out to Outwrite Dad

My children have decided to write their own stories.
Go figure.
Son, 11, is writing a mystery about a youth tracking down a hit-and-run killer and taking him on. He really doesn’t want me to give out any more details.
Daughter, 7, wants help publishing “The Last Happy Meal.” She’s secretive about the details except they involve a red-headed clown.
I’m still working on mine but haven’t had much of a chance to write fiction.
Been doing insulting work…
That is, consulting work.

Oh, and regarding the eagerly awaited random about me stuff – just read the about me part. Think that covers it fairly well.

The “unexamined life” may not be worth living but self-examination has bored me to tears.

I suggest a new tag with a smaller number – “Three positive traits I’ve observed about you” and then having those tagged write about two others, then tag two others.

I’ll start the process once I figure out how to do those tag-thing games.


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