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17th Random Thing – Conscientiousness

Determined to completely outline my personality using eHarmony’s profile of me that they won’t let me share with others on eHarmony because I’m not legally divorced and single yet.

One of my random things is vindictiveness – something I’m trying to drop.



It’s a work day, breakfast is over, and you’re dressed and ready (Must be about 5:30 a.m. EST). So how will you approach the tasks at hand? Some people work best with a clear schedule, a set of priorities and a due date for every step in the process. Others are, shall we say, less regimented. They approach a task with as much imagination as organization, and with a willingness to bend and modify in order to exercise some urge of creativity.

How about you? Do you walk in a straight line toward a clear goal, or are you more likely to dance your way down whatever path will get you wherever it is you’re headed? The following paragraphs describe ways in which you approach the tasks life brings to you, and to what extent you are focused or flexible in how you choose to proceed.
Your approach toward your obligations is:

This would be why I’m blogging about random things about me. Focused randomness – that’s me.

Words that describe you:

A General Description of How You Interact with Others
Everybody knows they can count on you to do what you promise to do, be where you say you’ll be “on time” and finish what you start. If you say you’ll chair the committee, you’ll come with an agenda and a clear outline of the tasks to be accomplished, give everyone a chance to speak their minds, and then call for a vote on each issue, schedule the next meeting, hand out assignments and adjourn at the appointed time. (Usually all done in 5 minutes).

You like order and discipline, and use these to methodically accomplish whatever goals you have set for yourself and for others. And you have a strong sense of obligation if you accept responsibility, you are proactive; you take it on with a single-minded commitment, as if you’ve pledged your allegiance to the assigned task. People know that they can depend on you.

Your personal life is also one of order and discipline. You are likely to have a pretty firm schedule, and to stick to it. You make time for your friends, but not at the expense of your work duties. You can be talkative and funny in social situations, but seldom out of control.

In fact, you are pretty careful; you seldom, if ever, cross the line into impulsive behavior, and you are even careful to control how much of your inner world you disclose, even to your close friends. You keep yourself in check because you don’t want whatever mess might be inside you to leak out into conversation or make a mess of a relationship.

There are things to accomplish in life, both at work and in your social world, and you don’t want to let unnecessary clutter hamper your drive to get all of it done, and done well.
Negative Reactions Others May Have Toward You
It’s not hard to imagine one of your friends or colleagues saying, probably under their breath, “Just once I wish you’d be late to something, or wear the wrong clothes, or trip over your own feet. You seem so tightly put together that, just once, I’d like to see you explode, in laughter or anger or . . . anything.”

In part, they may be envious. You get so much done, and done so well, that they might feel they never measure up. Your discipline and sense of duty put them to shame. But it may also be that they sense that beneath that single-minded and orderly demeanor of yours is a complex and sometimes complicated person whom they’d like to know, not so they can make fun of you but so they can share their perplexed humanity with you and get you to share your complexity with them. They might wish you were less cautious, and therefore, more accessible to their friendship.
Positive Responses Others May Have Toward You
“If we want something done, we know whom to call.” Most of your friends and colleagues will learn to count on you, and they will appreciate you for this reliability.

If they get off track in a work situation, they’ll turn to you because they know you’ve got the goal clearly in view and you’re moving toward it with that characteristic discipline of yours. You’ll help get them back on track. If they need a personal friend to count on, they know you’ll show up when you say you’ll be there, dig in to whatever the common task is, whether it’s planning a party, organizing the garage, or working through a financial mess, and see it through to completion.

For anyone in trouble, you are the proverbial “friend in need”. Many of your friends will see you as an example that they seek to emulate. When they get disorderly or disorganized, they can watch how you live and work, and find in you a mentor in self-discipline.

They might well admire not just your ability to get to the goal or your single-minded drive, but also the underlying quality of your character; they will see your sense of duty to yourself, to life’s tasks, and to your friendships, and admire and imitate these qualities in you. Your focused life will be a guide to them when they get themselves so out of focus that they don’t know where they’re going.

Whoever read this far who truly knows me probably has cramps from laughing so hard. Some of the above is true – like when holding training sessions for writers (two during 2005).

But just as I’m no writing expert I’m certainly not as conscientious as eHarmony depicts.


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