Cadenhead’s Workbench Added to Links

Rogers Cadenhead exudes genius.

Proof – beyond his website here – is that he didn’t talk to me much when I knew him at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Okay, beyond that, check out his Wikipedia entry here:

The entry starts off:

“Rogers Cadenhead (b. April 13, 1967 in Dallas, Texas, USA) is a computer book author and web publisher who is currently chairman of the RSS Advisory Board, a group that assists developers in using the RSS 2.0 specification.”

All I remember of him from college is that he wrote excellent copy and rarely if ever needed editing – and wore a black trench coat.

Years later, I finally got a cool trench coat like his. I don’t look anywhere as cool as Rogers.


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  1. Thanks, Sam. Surely in those days we must have stumbled over to the Dry Gulch a few times for beer and hickory burgers. I lived within walking distance of that place, and took advantage of that fact when choosing beverages.

    In retrospect, I think it would have been fun to do some independent journalism outside The Shorthorn, like you did on that conservative campus newspaper. But for a paper aimed at my fellow save the abortion rights of gay whales liberals, of course.

  2. Rogers,
    Face it as I have – I was an arrogant, pompous jerk spreading a Gospel of hatred instead of peace and love.
    You on the other hand at least stood firm in what you believed and strove to help others.
    John Shore – another link – helped show me the difference and that we all should be bringing peace and love into the world.

  3. Of course my children would say “was?”

  4. In these 3 comments, 2 comments are yours.

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    experience about unexpected feelings.

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