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The 12th Randomly-Generated Fact about Me

We’ve reached 12 out of 26 things about me where a face on FACEBOOK made me wonder about my past, present and future.

A friend’s friend has an album posted featuring a number of students during 1979-1980 at W.W. Samuell High School in Dallas, Texas.

That’s where I attended school. That’s the 12th fact.

When a sophomore, the school changed to take in ninth-grade students – two of whom remain my friends to this date as my 30th reunion approaches this June (or is it in May at the golf tournament named in some coach’s honor?).

Ah high school – where I learned to drive and my first car was a pickup truck. So many numerous a few beautiful young ladies would say through the years as I met them that they wanted to go out with me. I only dated two – one from Plano High School – and almost dated one after I graduated though her dad nixed the date on her doorstep when I came to get her.

She looked like this sort of, geneexcept with raven black hair that sort of glowed. But she was only 15 about to turn 16 and I was 18 with a 1969 Chevy Malibu. Me and the car had high-performance engines.

So, anyway, I sang in the Concert Choir, swam on the swim team, wrote a few columns for the school newspaper and drank, rocked out to music and tried to find myself and figure out my relationship with God. That’s pretty much all I remember at this hour of the morning – or choose to remember – other than the Doobie Brothers’ “Jesus is just all right with me.”


All in all, I didn’t do too badly after high school considering I had some really good times with my wife Alana pictured here. a4blog


3 Responses

  1. Isn’t she gorgeous – and that’s a current photo!

  2. Helpful Dating Info Website…

  3. yes, stunning.
    “more youthful eyes see through glass of rose, I fear;
    for raven she hath been a maid, now far from maidenhood, my dear”

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