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“I fight authority…”

Sam, who spent $305 on towing and fines last week, finds himself singing and laughing to “I fight authority authority always wins.”
I will now fight no traffic laws forever.


4 Responses

  1. methinks there is a back story here?

  2. Sorry man. Oh right, you’re not the man in this instance.

  3. Yes – here’s the story. While limping along paycheck-to-paycheck to my huge tax return due to another financially-disastrous year, I could not afford to get tags renewed and car repairs needed to pass inspection. So I got tickets for both, then the homeowners association had me towed for expired tags (I park on the street).
    Four days later my huge tax return came in and my church gave me another car to drive until I get my Jeep repaired and street legal.

  4. And once my jeep has been repaired, instead of transferring the car back to the church for someone else’s use (the DMV loves us) the car will be given to someone who is fleeing a physically-abusive relationship and needs healing and a car.
    My wife deserves kudos for helping this lady in addition to my church – Grace Bible Church. The elders there really have more love and patience – “fruits of the spirit” – than I do.

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