Poor Pluto and Holst

Meanwhile, in other composer news, Gustav Holst’s “The Planets” doesn’t take as long to play since the piece “Pluto” was cut…


2 Responses

  1. Holst never wrote a piece for Pluto. His work was composed before Pluto’s discovery, and though he lived to see the discovery, he chose not to write a piece for Pluto. Interestingly, he did not write one for Earth either. In 2000, Colin Matthews wrote an addendum, “Pluto the Renewer,” which begins at the end of Holst’s “Neptune” and is often played with “The Planets.”

  2. Laurel,
    Thanks. I did not know that. Maybe I heard it at a concert and it got stuck in my head because when I checked my CD I’ll be darned if you weren’t right – there’s no tracks on there for Pluto or Earth.
    Maybe someone should hold a contest to come up with a composition for Earth. I can almost hear it in my head as a cross between something like Stravinsky’s “Rites of Spring” and Antonio Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons.”
    By the way, I understand Vivaldi’s “Trout” was well-received but his “Bass” only did well in the south.

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