26 Random Things about Me (Continued)

(Continued from previous post)

5:   In 1997, I shared drinks and reminisced about Rap music’s start with the Sugar Hill Gang of “Rapper’s Delight” fame at The Mint in Hailey, Idaho – Bruce Willis’ bar and disco.   

   I went there unaware of who was playing, basically to see what it was like and here was the Sugar Hill Gang so I said, heck, why not. I even DRANK with those guys man. Historically, it means more now than it did then. They just thought I was some cool white guy (I hope) and I was interested in how far they had fallen from celebrity. I didn’t get bounced so I guess they never figured out I was more interested in where they’d been than where they were headed. They seemed hesitant on how they’d be remembered – as pioneers or just another Grammy-nominated group with one hit. I think they were jealous of Run-DMC a bit, though they would say things like Run-DMC deserved the success (and had built on Sugar Hill Gang’s).

   I really have to think hard to recall the whole incident, not because I had too much to drink – I had one rum and coke and switched to Shirley Temples because this was an encounter worth remembering – but because 1997 is hard to recall due to so many events and years since.

6:    I still consider myself a journalist – my dream while attending a Dallas high school (W.W. Samuel High School, Class of 1979) that developed into an award-winning collegiate career during the late 1980s and continued professionally until an abrupt stop during 2005.
   My friend Steve visited me in Idaho during the 1990s and said “You’re living your dream.”
   He was correct.
   I lived in beautiful Hailey, Idaho, and wrote for a newspaper.
   I now work in a call center, helping a huge company’s employees figure out and get help with their health insurance and other benefits. The only job that ever paid better was my job as assistant editor at a Northern Virginia newspaper for the month I was employed there during 2005.
To be continued…


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