26 Random Things About Me

I got tagged with this by Jim Lehmer at “Lord I Believe…”  and what with my narcissistic bent decided to play along.

1: About two years ago I found out I have Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. It made sense. Adderall is hard for me to take, though, so I only take it on occasion.

2: I was born about 8 a.m. Dec. 27, 1960, in the hospital on Redstone Army Arsenal near Huntsville, AL.

On that same day:

1960: Returning from their extended Hamburg stint (and without Stu Sutcliffe, who would never rejoin), the Beatles play Liverpool’s Litherland Town Hall Ballroom, inciting the first flush of what was later called “Beatlemania.” Part of it has to do with the billing: since the Beatles were a last-minute add, posters described them as “Direct from Hamburg,” causing attendees to think this was a famous German band. The crowd rushes the stage during the opening number, “Long Tall Sally,” causing the media to take note of the mass adoration for the first time.

On this day in 1960, the underdog U.S. Olympic hockey team defeats the Soviet Union in the semifinals at the Winter Games in Squaw Valley, California. The next day, the U.S. beats Czechoslovakia to win its first-ever Olympic gold medal in hockey.

The 1960 U.S. team was led by Jack Riley, the head hockey coach at West Point and himself a member of the 1948 U.S. Olympic hockey squad. His players were college students and amateurs and included two pairs of brothers, Bill and Bob Cleary and Bill and Roger Christian. Interestingly, Bill Christian’s son David was a member of the “Miracle on Ice” Olympic squad in 1980 that defeated the heavily favored Soviet Union in the semifinals and two days later beat Sweden to capture the gold medal. The last player cut from the 1960 U.S. squad was Herb Brooks, who went on to coach the “Miracle on Ice” team two decades later.

3: I’m a history and trivia buff.

4: I hate long blog posts and so will continue this later.


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