My stock “Shortfolio”

Forget buying stocks in hopes you’re purchasing part of a company providing jobs and building up the economy.

I’ve created a “Shortfolio.”

I’ll share my list of stocks – actually Exchange Traded Funds – that go up when stocks are headed down.

I like DUG – Proshares Ultrashort Oil and Gas – as oil keeps falling.

To short the Nasdaq, go with QID.

SKF shorts the financial sector and has had big returns as finance stocks have hit hard times.

DXD shorts the Dow. As the Dow falls, those with this ETF see fortunes rise.

SDS shorts the S&P 500 – the opposite of all those 401k S&P 500 index funds that have all who invested there working longer.

Round that out with a sixth stock – DOG – that shorts the DOW and this is my two-day return on a $6,000 investment as of 11:34 a.m. EST (Middle of my lunch break): $996.04.

Too bad that’s just my fantasy portfolio.

My real money is tied up in a 401k plan that has no such funds that short stocks.


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