The Big Boo (Who?)

The big boo approaches with my children growing more excited by the day.

Meanwhile, the big boo-hoo also approaches its end.

Let’s deal with the fun part of my update first and, no, the big boo is another term for Halloween – not the election.

My children bought their costumes 10 days ago – my daughter’s a clone trooper and my son’s the grim reaper – and eagerly anticipate yet more candy than they currently have stockpiled.

On the whole we had a good time Oct. 26 at a Springfield Mall event though the stampede when trick-or-treating kicked off unnerved us (see my critique here ).

A trip to Wal-Mart and a few bags of candy later the whole jeepload was happy.

Monday, the big meeting with the bankruptcy trustee went well after a trip to Alexandria. The trustee asked a few questions about what showed up in the bankruptcy account such as the $1 in money market funds through Sharebuilder.

“Good luck” the trustee said, when he finished with the questions.

I didn’t know how to take that as it seemed ironic to me.

I almost started laughing.

I managed to keep a wry grin on my face while making my way out of the hearing room.

During December, once again all my debts will be discharged – the first time of course being when I trusted Jesus as my savior.

Last night while running errands my daughter told me “you need a better job, dad.”

There followed an explanation that despite looking none had been found (this foreshadowed Tueday’s news that I wasn’t hired after my latest job interview for “document associate” – in part writing scripts for call centers answering inquiries about U.S. Department of Labor regulations).

Monday night I explained that my current position at least allows me flexibility and the happy opportunity to take care of her after my 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. shift.

My daughter can live with this.

She seemed happy enough with the explanation.

Had I not been able to shift my work schedule there would be no days like Monday when I strapped on her new knee and elbow pads and then her helmet as she prepared to skateboard.

With difficulty putting her helmet on her and adjusting the strap, I half-jokingly told her to look up at the sky where Jesus will appear.

She looked, eyes wide in wonder as I firmly put her helmet on and adjusted the strap.

Beautiful, she looked.

My word’s impact, her innocence and the realization what Jesus’ return for me and mine means all hit at once.

Joyfully, I watched as she enjoyed skateboarding about the street – protected.


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