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Ike Dislike

My wife spent the last of her latest paycheck to buy her aunt a plane ticket and bring her to Leesburg, Va. – the aunt’s latest stop in fleeing Port Arthur, Texas and Hurricane Ike.

I applaud my wife and helped out Sunday – even taking back my wife’s recently-purchased DVD player to get a badly-needed cash refund for her. I hate doing that.

So the children are excited about having their aunt staying with them – after conscientiously praying for her – and really have no idea what she’s been through. This is her second relocation due to a hurricane – the first came courtesy Hurricane Rita.

She had this look on her face – sort of a tired, haggard look you get when you’ve been up two days with no sleep – and kept asking every couple of hours “Am I really safe here?” when she wasn’t saying “Thank you Jesus” or “Thank God.”

D.C. Metro jokes aside, I was hoping like heck the kids didn’t regale her with tales of the Sept. 6 drive through Tropical Storm Hannah.

My mother-in-law – herself someone who moved to D.C. not long after Hurricane Rita – told the children’s aunt that she was indeed safe and living in a nice neighborhood.

After viewing photos of places in Galveston I’d been and a Pizza Hut inundated in Bridge City I’d taken my son to as a tot I’m depressed and sleep-deprived myself.

But there’s this look people have when they’ve been through real trauma and this aunt had it.

She also asked me for information about Port Arthur, Texas, like I had some source of news she didn’t.

I’m keeping track through sites such as this http://www.kfdm.com/ and this http://www.panews.com/homepage . The Port Arthur News employed me as a reporter from 1998 through June 2001.

There’s a lot of people down there on the Gulf Coast suffering, including more of my wife’s relatives and children’s cousins who evacuated to Dallas-area motels only to have to sit through Ike anyway as it went from Hurricane to Tropical Storm.

Everyone is not as fortunate to have a relative who can fly them from Texas and shelter them.

Or have someone to look them in the eye and tell them they are truly safe now.


7 Responses

  1. We didn’t get it as bad in Dallas as expected. LOTS of rain, but my in-laws (Texarkana) said it was just plain scary. The trees weren’t bending, they were twisting…???

    I’m relieved your extended family is safe…been wondering.

    Love you, Sam!

  2. Thanks Michelle.
    You should read my wife’s series of blog entries on this here – http://fumblingtowardsnormal.wordpress.com/2008/09/16/lamentations-on-ike-part-iii-home-free/ .
    She uses one of my favorite songs, “Home Free.”


  3. Admirable hospitality.

  4. I was born in Houston. Have lived here all my life (43 years). Hurricane Ike was the first storm that scared the **&^)@ out of me! Nothing like spending 12 hours in an interior hallway with hubby, our son (who turned 17 the morning the storm hit) and our Jack Russell Terrier. The guys slept – and the dog and I just kinda stared at each other – both probably thinking “Oh, God…let this end!” Luckily, we are all safe – just got a tree in my car and Ike did a little landscaping and removed a fence….but, all that can be replaced!

    I was a senior in high school when Alicia hit. Alicia was nothing compared to IKE! Glad your wife’s aunt is safe and sound…..

  5. Kelly,
    Glad your family is well too.
    Hope conditions improve there for you and others.

  6. You and your family are quite the church Sam.

  7. Ric,
    I’ll take that as a compliment coming from you as I did L.L.’s comment.
    Helping family is one thing, but I aspire to your example of helping “the least of these” – “strangers” – as you do through the rescue mission.
    The annual D.C. walk for the homeless is coming up and I’ve been invited to participate this year.

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