Lost Week Leading Up to Labor Day

Last week I consider the lost week featuring a meeting with a bankruptcy attorney and leading to a Labor Day weekend campout that ended before Labor Day.

The week’s events featured fun, injuries and insect bites.

To sum up, my schedule has changed and I’m lost trying to find time to blog.

Met with an attorney who advised me not to speak with anyone about my bankruptcy.

Followed Hurricane Gustav and hoped the children’s aunt, uncle and cousins had sense to get out of its way and then saw it miss them (Port Arthur, Texas) and go into Louisiana instead.

During the campout at the Harpers Ferry, WV, KOA we were supposed to be away from the news but my son and others knew of my concern for the Gulf Coast. They kept giving me updates on Gustav’s path and progress.

There were all-too-brief times when I enjoyed moments with my children such as when we went swimming, roasted marshmallows and walked.

We prayed to God at night in our tent and by the time we returned Sunday, Aug. 31, were relieved to find hurricane Gustav weakened before coming ashore.

During the campout, I suffered a slight but annoying injury when a splinter went under my thumbnail while chopping kindling for the campfire. Proving my usefulness in the wilderness, I also wrangled locusts buzzing the lantern and tossed them toward a brighter light – nearby campers using a strobelight and music who I’m sure enjoyed the additional buzz.

My children start school today, Tuesday, Sept. 2, and I’m due to pick them up afterward.

They were smart enough to put on insect repellent during our time out in the woods. I wasn’t.

So I start back to work itching and scratching to get through this time of change while holding on to one who is changeless – Jesus.

God’s love and peace to all.


4 Responses

  1. Welcome back Sam!

    I wonder if that insect repellent works in the office? Or maybe a strobe light… hmmm

  2. OUCH!

    Splinter under the thumb!

    This is why I do not camp anymore. It just plain hurts.

    Although the times were brief, they sure sound good.

  3. Thanks Ric and Michelle for your concern. As usual, the pain was all self-inflicted through foolishness. I used to wear leather gloves when splitting kindling to prevent splinters. And I always used insect repellent but this time passed because I didn’t like the way it smelled.
    My son counted eight insect bites under my chin alone and suggested a game of connect the dots.

  4. Glad your back!

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