Bankrupt blogging

Sam stayed up late completing his online bankruptcy certification course and now finds writing in third person easier to tolerate.

You see, Sam’s entire family has urged him to take this step while many friends tried to advise him against it.

The debts weren’t so egregious, friends said.

You can get through this and repair your credit some other way.

But Sam found his family suffering more and more and his wife in part divorcing him due to the awful debt he accumulated – not through gambling, addiction or anything involving a moral bankruptcy but through the stupidity of getting really ill while not having any health insurance.

So, like another even larger debt Sam’s financial ones will soon be discharged.

Some of his friends may call him a thief. Others may wag their finger or shake their head in shame at Sam.

But garnishments will stop and Sam’s paycheck will once again serve as evidence of God’s providence.

Sam’s budget has been set up and he can’t wait to give back to God as well as save up for a home.

Just like his sister modeled Christianity for Sam with her love and prayer, she showed him how with diligence and hard work you can own a home after bankruptcy – in one couple’s case four years after discharging disheartening debts.

So once again Sam has this feeling of exhuberant freedom he normally finds in unfettered following of Jesus or family gatherings.

And he writes in third person as he waits to write a song to sing with his last sentence fragmentary grenade.


18 Responses

  1. That you can put it into song, even the third person, that’s a touch of grace…

  2. Praying God’s unending peace and rest to you! Your honesty is humbling – if only we could all be a little more honest about just where we are in our walk with God!

  3. Still praying for you and yours.

    Love you.

  4. I’m sorry all that has happened to you. May be blessed and be a blessing. 🙂

  5. This may be the break you need to et back on your feet and rolling again.

    Praying for you.

  6. Praying for you, Sam. New beginnings and fresh starts – God’s specialty. Hang in there. Looks like better days ahead.

  7. Hey, Tell Sam I admire his honesty and courage. I found you through the WordPress homepage… pretty nice blog you got here Sam!

  8. L.L., thank you for the grace you model through your book and blogs.

    Kelly, thanks for that prayer.

    Michelle, if my older sister hadn’t beat you to it I think your example would have been another one to point me to Jesus.

    Seaspray, I am blessed and appreciate your sympathy. Now as to being a blessing to others, I plan to take what I’ve learned and help others not only by writing about it, but doing something. Not sure what yet.

    Wineymomma, glad you and the monsters landed on your feet in Florida and hope you didn’t get too wet.

    Drew, God hears those prayers and I appreciate them. I hope your son Sam met Ric.

    Ric, Sam thanks you. He’s all set to go to MACC in the a.m. to deliver the message personally.

  9. I’m told you are not who you think you are. You are not who others think you are. You are who Christ knows you are. God bless.

  10. Financial worries can be one of life’s biggest. I can relate to how it can seem/be overwhelming at times.

    I hope you have a good recovery all around Sam.

  11. Also, it may take up to 7 Years to repair your credit depending on how bad the damage was, but usually with a good savings account and a year’s worth of steady bill paying they overlook prior stuff. I’d wait though for about 1-2 Years before buying a home, because we’re still not out of this not-so-great Economy right now.

  12. Drcorner,
    Thanks for your advice.
    Rebuilding the credit will be an adventure as well as finding new and fun ways to earn cash, God willing.
    In my fantasy portfolio (no way I invest real cash at the moment – just a hobby) I bought Freddie Mac (FRE) at 3.51 a share. That’s as close as I’ll get to housing for a while.

  13. Archie,
    I’m still working on a thankful response to the truth of what you wrote.
    Jesus knew and took me as a bankrupt soul, thank God.

  14. Hey Sam, Just pinging …

  15. Following up Ric’s comment – second ping, hoping you are OK.

  16. Ric, Jim,
    I’m fine – thanks for your concern. Just adjusting to a new work schedule – 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. so I can pick the kids up from school.
    That meant coming off a 11:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. schedule.
    Will blog Monday, Sept. 2, about my great 4-day Labor Day holiday at Harper’s Ferry KOA.

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