Life is Like a Float Trip on a River that a Superhero Won’t Save You From

Super Kung Fu Tiger Girl pounced into the room and asked what I was doing.

“Struggling,” I replied.

“I promised to write something for someone. I missed the deadline and can’t write it,” I told her. “Maybe you can help.”

“What do you think life is like?” I asked my 7-year-old daughter.

“Life is hard,” she said, then quickly added “but it’s easy for me.”

“Do you think life could be like a river?” I asked, hoping for help with my essay.

“No, that’s silly,” she said.

“So could it be like a guitar?” I ventured, since she had started to play hers.

“Maybe, now leave me alone I’m trying to practice,” she said.

So I was left to write what life was like per Robert Hruzek’s suggestion at Middle Zone Musings. Other’s wrote some amazing entries linked to here at his blog

Before mine starts I’d like to note you don’t always get help in life just as I didn’t get much help from my superhero daughter.

Mine goes:

Up in the Rocky Mountains flows a trickling stream.

As with all streams – this one flows out of the mountains, into a larger stream and finally turns into a river.

This particular one becomes the Colorado River – providing water for crops, cities and a thrilling trip for those venturing into its whitewater rapids.

And as we go with this flow we discover life is like a float trip on such a river.

Life starts without our permission and suddenly we find ourselves thrust into it, growing and learning as we float along taking in the experience.

There are the placid spots where scenery can be experienced and taken in.

Then there are the rapids – tough times when you must keep your wits about you, not panic and find a way through back to a gentle current.

My sister tells a story how a river guide misjudged the Colorado River waters once and she and others had to literally paddle a gang raft for their lives through raging waters or be dashed against a huge rock.

This example shows how someone else’s mistakes can sometimes lead to tragedy for us.

In her case, the team pulled together and paddled to safety.

After the rapids, it was a slow ride contemplating how good it felt to be alive as the team guided the raft to the exit point.

So this example shows how we try to team up – just as I did with Super Kung Fu Tiger girl. We don’t always get the results we look for and often we take off to pursue our own interests.

God made us to be social creatures. We need to be with others and even learn to pull together as my sister and companions did in their white-water rafting adventure.

We can come together when it really matters and save each others’ skins.

And now if you’ll excuse me I need to go tune a superhero’s guitar.


9 Responses

  1. […] Life is Like a Float Trip on a River that a Superhero Won’t Save You From, by Sam at Samwrites2’s Weblog […]

  2. A colleague said to me just this morning, “Without the stones a stream has no music.”

    Thanks for the metaphor and your heart Sam.

  3. Thanks Ric,
    I think you’re setting a great example of fatherhood with what I read at your blog.
    Helping renovate a house – that’s above and beyond the call of duty.

  4. The Guadalupe River that flows through the town where I live makes for a much lazier metaphor. I float there often in a kayak.

    And when my life is like floating in a river, my life is, like, really really peaceful.

    I love rivers.

  5. Mark,
    Is that the one that goes through San Marcos?
    I love the peaceful stretches of rivers – the Potomac just carries you gently along without even having to paddle. Last trip on Aug. 3 I heard a Bald Eagle but couldn’t spot it.
    Likewise I crave the excitement of whitewater.
    Hope I get a chance to float the Guadalupe next time I’m in Texas.
    Likewise, if you’re ever up this way we’ll have to go down the Potomac or Shenandoah near Harper’s Ferry.

  6. I love this, Sam. It completely expresses the difficulties we endure, yet the moments of relative calm. At times it reminds me of going over a waterfall, coming out of the froth dazed, then gently moving on, gaining strength once again.


  7. Thanks Michelle.

  8. […] public links >> float Life is Like a Float Trip on a River that a Superhero won’t Save … Saved by flydarling on Sat 25-10-2008 [Darstellungsfehler] Problem mit der Ausrichtung eines… […]

  9. “Life is hard,” she said, then quickly added “but it’s easy for me.”

    Super Kung Fu Tiger Girl seems to have a great start. Keep up the good work!

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