Parental Pain Draws Prayers

Please pray for the lady who wrote John Shore in such a moving post here: .

Even before that post appeared a poem had been forming in my head starting as…

“Sins of fathers and mothers

passed down to hurt others…”

I had in mind my own offspring and striving to meet their needs as well as a couple of friends who have done mission work overseas in orphanages.

This lady’s letter – her name is Nima –  just blew me away.

I’m hoping more Christians reach out to her and am thankful for the one she describes in her letter who did help her.

So please join me and all those others in praying for her too.


3 Responses

  1. Write that poem, Sam.


  2. Hello,
    just wanted to invite you to my blog (If I haven’t already- I have a new home)at if you needed some encouragment today.

  3. C. Apana,
    Thanks. Nice blog it is too.

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