Putting Family Business in the Street

God told me it’s time to have another “come-to-Jesus” meeting.

A family crisis forced this.

Now I’ll digress here and say maybe it’s a disservice to my family writing down our trials. I’m always hesitant to ask for prayer and hear this voice in the background saying “why you putting our business in the street?”

Translated, that means “why are you letting people know about failings in our personal lives?”

The answer would be because I believe it helps – that God hears prayer and answers it.

Anyone who has followed my blog knows that for a time I was homeless. At times, I almost brag about my homelessness and how my low estate helped lead me to repentance.

There’s a tie in coming as to why I’m currently asking for prayer and what’s currently going on. Hang with me if you’re still reading.

It’s been almost a year since I’ve stopped drinking alcohol – this time. This means I’m a recovering alcoholic with all the attendant drama. God’s grace changed me when it became evident I could not force change myself. I depend on God’s grace to make it day-to-day battling depression and dampen my occasional desire to stop feeling anything using chemicals, escapist literature or computer gaming.

So here I am feeling and knowing I’m in a right relationship with God and He decides it’s time for a walk-through inspection of the “temple” I’ve dedicated to him.

He came to a door I’d nailed shut and asked me to open it.

I refused.

So God bided his time and circumstances came around to a family crisis that pretty much means I have to open the door.

God guides me to it saying “Come with me if you want to live.” (yeah, I know – “Terminator 2” reference). The only way out is through that door, cleaning the room out as if purifying it by fire just as I’d asked for that hot coal that purified Isaiah’s lips to purify mine.

And here we are – me, God, my wife and her behavior that put us all at risk much like mine has.

We’ve all got to realize our sin, repent of it and know that Jesus took it upon himself as he died on the cross for us before his resurrection that brought us new life.

Last night I had another “come-to-Jesus” meeting were I kneeled at the cross thanking Jesus and a God that so loved Sam and his family.

At this point, it looks like God has worked a miracle. His stability, goodness and mercy will govern our lives and we get back to the plan – my wife keeps the kids in the house and neighborhood they know while I rebuild my credit, career and credibility aiming toward getting my own residence.

Meanwhile, God’s walking me and the kids through this room – a fiery furnace that could pretty much destroy us were it not for God’s protection and prayers by you saints.


7 Responses

  1. The other thing that putting this stuff on your blog does…it helps others who are in situations where they must lean on the Lord. Your honesty encourages me in my own journey. Thanks.

  2. Sam,

    You my friend are an inspirational walk to witness. So eloquently put too! I have more on this… I will have to return later. Thanks bro.

  3. Thanks Jeff, Ric.
    I read both your blogs along with Drew’s to gain an understanding of what it is to walk upright holding God’s hand as a mature Christian.
    From Ric I get service and playfulness.
    From Jeff I get analytical tools and insight.
    All of you have also helped in understanding my son and how to be a father.
    Thanks again.

  4. Hey, Sam!

    Thank you for putting this out there, for opening yourself up in this way. You know I’ve been praying and now I know more specifically how to petition heaven for you.

    The purifying process can be so terribly painful, feeling it all and not numbing ourselves, it’s a struggle. But just like you said, God does so love Sam and his family! Those “Come to Jesus” meetings keep me on my face looking to the One who can deal with every aspect, every dark corner of our lives.

    Love you, Sam. Praying…

  5. wow, thank you Sam… I am humbled.

    Public disclosure (bringing our deeds / ourselves to light) robs the blackmailer of his power over us.

    That is, “…whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God.” John 3:21.

  6. No real words. Just listening. Listening quietly. Feeling sorrow. Praying with hope.

  7. Michelle,
    Thanks so much for your prayers.
    The children were so happy this morning when I picked them up for summer camp.
    My son sat on the couch next to his mother and put his arm around her in a comforting gesture.
    I believe there’s a connection between your prayers and the supernatural peace in place.

    Your words soothe me like the Balm of Gilead. Thanks.

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