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More Randomonium

In case you missed it the first time around, the blog entry’s title above refers to a practical joke my son played on a teacher.

He asked his fifth-grade teacher to use the periodic table of the elements to find the symbol for randomonium.

After a few minutes his teacher realized the element is fictional and it’s name is taken from “Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed” as the fifth-grade class well knew.

So it is with humor we embark on a most ill-humored review of the past week-and-half that features enough pain to thwart humor for many years.

Around the bloghood prayer requests varied from that of a blogger whose father was missing after a car plunged into a river to that of another whose brother-in-law was diagnosed with MS.

Help, God!

On the “glass is half-full” side of things, in Romania two children get to stay with their foster parents instead of the children’s biological parents who reportedly neglected the children.

Yay God!

So now to a brief intermission/transition to what I’m dealing with.

I deal with callers’ problems all day in what a psychiatrist/teacher called in a sermon/lesson a “Resistive-Type” of employment. That’s usually a term used when speaking of law enforcement employees who often find themselves in a hostile environment.

Since my profession is to help employees with their benefits, most times that means they call when something has gone wrong. This means they are hostile or in a hostile mood. I get to calm them and assure them the issue will be resolved.

This type of job has high burnout. I haven’t blogged much because I’ve been busy working overtime for extra cash and burnout points.

Blogging helps belay that burnout – but it’s hard to avoid the temptation to focus on myself.

So let’s not.

Let me exploit my children and their point of view about what’s going on around them.

My son would say dad’s trying real hard to get a better-paying job. Dad wants to write, but he’s also trying to get a job where he works now that pays a lot more. Go dad!

“Mom works so much I don’t think she cares about us.” son says in frustration.

Well son, you’re wrong.

Mom works so much and so hard as a proposal writer BECAUSE she cares so much. She took you from a homeless shelter to a sheltering home, something dad could not do because of all the “issues” he’s been dealing with. Now she’s trying to make sure you stay in that home and not have to move once again like you have three times during the past three years.

Let’s put it in these simple terms:

Dad nurtures. Mom provides.

That may seem backwards compared to what you see in a lot of families – especially the ones at church with all the stay-at-home moms. Those moms and children have it good because God used their dad to provide enough so they can stay at home.

But this dad never was too good at letting God use him for anything.

Currently, I’m trying to change that son and also make it where I provide more and mom nurtures more. We’ve both been working hard to do that and have made improvement.

Remember the trip mom just took you on to King’s Dominion? Sure, she met a boyfriend there but she can go out with boyfriends because we’re not together anymore. Soon we’ll be divorced. Mom said that boyfriend also helped you overcome fear of a rollercoaster that you later went on again.

Sister shows through drawings of family that she wants mom, dad and you all under the same roof with her and a pet dog. She paints her dreams on paper that show us all together with hearts flying all around us showing a shared love. She paints instead of talking to us.

It breaks my heart when she leaves me those drawings after spending the weekend with you and I. I haven’t made it clear to her yet that won’t happen.

I’ll always be nearby – always and have proven I’ll respond to your call, your mom’s or your sister’s.

You mom’s working to keep you in your home as she deals with a landlord who shows little to no compassion for her situation. Give her a break.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to pray for you and work toward moving out of my sister’s basement and into my own apartment so we can spend more time together.

Though this blog entry is way too long already, I have to add some music lyrics about the ultimate Father – God – brought to mind by L.L. Barkat’s blog:

   “Why should the Father bother

   to call us his children?

   Why should the Spirit hear it

   when we pray?

   It’s all because of what the Son has done.”

– Petra, “Why Should the Father Bother?” – from the album “Washes Whiter Than

God’s peace and love to ya’ll


7 Responses

  1. “But this dad never was too good at letting God use him for anything.”

    Better mark this one off, Sam. You can’t say “never” anymore. God is using you, your mind, your heart, your journey, your determination in remarkable ways. Praying with you for the door to open.

  2. Drew,
    Thanks for your prayerful support.

  3. Oh god, Sam. You’ve put me in tears. My heart is so full… so, so full for you and yours. Because I’ve lived through this kind of stuff again and again.

    I like your thoughts on “father”.

  4. Sam,

    I don’t have words.

    I’m praying…for all of you…

    OK, here’s a word…”Come unto Me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you peace.”

    He’s most pleased when we come to Him. He’s not looking for you “to do” for Him, just come.

    I love you, Sam.


  5. L.L.,
    Thanks for your concern and prayers and I truly wish no one had to live through this.
    From what I’ve read, I take it you refer to your childhood. Praise God for your Grandmother.
    When thoughts about the pain children around the world are going through punch my heart and open my eye’s floodgates, for some reason there are three connections I make – God, Santa and Holden Caulfield (cq?) and the sentence about wanting to be the “Catcher in the Rye.”
    Now you’re in the list – ahead of Santa and Holden of course.

    I know your prayers are heard and fruitful because since you’ve said you’d pray weeks ago communication between God and I improved as well as communication between my estranged wife.
    All of us have a common bond in that we are sisters and brothers in Christ and all of us want the best for our children.
    God keeps giving me peace and love and I hope he’s doing the same for you and yours.

  6. Sam, you make me laugh and catch my breath at the same time.

    As an aside (and off topic for this post), I wanted to thank you for your encouragements over on the CT site. Some of the comments were, um, less than friendly! So it was nice to hear a supportive voice.

  7. L.L.,
    I plan to blog about my uncle and our gradual acceptance of his vegetarian lifestyle.
    My whole extended family has cut our red meat intake and seen health benefits as a result.
    My uncle is a unique, interesting person who, among his achievements, reportedly picked up the last Marine off Khe San in Vietnam.

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