My Son Spoke to God Last Night

The telephone rang as I stood in the dark about to climb into bed – interrupting my bedtime routine that includes a talk with God most of the time.

My estranged wife wanted me to come get the children. She was helping her roommate pack to move him out of the townhouse where they lived. She didn’t want the kids staying up late.

The children wanted to come over.

My sister, whose basement I live in, gave permission.

My wife and I met at a gas station halfway between our homes and the children happily piled in my jeep.

I was a bit grumpy and advised the children to be on their best behavior.

They were.

And when it was once again time to climb into bed my son asked to pray for us all.

We used to do that – pray in turns before bedtime long ago when we all lived together and then early on when we parted when the children stayed with me. But recently we hadn’t.

So my son, 10, took it upon himself to spark a revival.

He merely asked God to protect us all and give us a good night’s sleep.

God did.


8 Responses

  1. Thats awesome…great post

  2. Sam- Apparently, the little seed you planted in a young heart years ago continues to grow and bear fruit. Sometimes I forget how wonderful and powerful the tiny seeds of faith really are. Thanks for the reminder. -Drew

  3. Beautiful, Sam.

    You’re doing a great job with them and you’ve given them the most important thing. 😉

  4. Simple, touching, beautiful. Good post, Sam.

  5. Thanks, ya’ll.
    Drew, I may have planted the seed but other Christians like those who commented here helped water that seed every time they gave my son a compliment, like at Awanas, the Christian schools he’s attended or Christian summer camp he currently attends.
    Thanks to all who have loved and nourished my children in their relationship with Jesus.

  6. Way cool brother. To hear ones own children stop and talk to God. That must have made your heart soar!

  7. My heart felt sad, quieted, reading this. The pain mixed in with the joy, you know?

  8. Ric,
    Sorry for not replying sooner but you’re right. It was a reminder of my responsibility as a father, too, as was L.L.’s blog entry here that spoke to me.

    I imagine you could write a book on that pain mixed with joy of raising children. (I’m still trying to catch up to your first).
    I recall a blog entry you wrote that had your daughter taking photos of a doll in various positions around your home and thinking what a wonderful parent/teacher of creativity you must be.
    You continue to inspire me with your prose as Ric does with his poetry and boldness at poetry slams.

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