A Fourth folio

The Fourth of July serves up photographers plenty of photo pops.

I hope to be out there with them clicking away with my several-times-dropped digital Nikon camera.

To that end, I’m posting a link to Supernovamom’s blog entry that has a few locations around Northern Virginia where you can photograph fireworks.


Meanwhile, I’m going to go listen to Ray Charles’ version of “America” and get ready for the holiday.

I tried to put up public domain photographs of fireworks but the images didn’t pass the security guidelines for wordpress. That makes me suspicious.

But you can see in your memory those big, loud bursts of multi-colored sparks.

My favorite memories include displays in:

* Arlington, Texas, at a Texas Rangers ballgame. The fireworks set off car alarms all over the parking lot.

* Hailey, Idaho, at a school yard there. Bruce Willis and Demi Moore had helped pay for a spectacular display of fireworks in the Wood River Valley.

* Port Arthur, Texas, along a levee bordering Sabine Lake with my son and pregnant wife. The baby, my daughter, kicked several times that could even be seen as the fireworks exploded so close we could feel their concussion. My daughter was born eight days later.

* Flippin, Arkansas, where a local display of fireworks went off a bit low with concussions again shaking us. My daughter, 2, freaked out and had to be held tightly and driven away from the area. My son hated having to leave early.

This Fourth will be memorable in that I’ve never spent one alone.

But that’s the plan as I have to get some housecleaning done where I live (I rent the basement) and fix the jeep.

The children will be with their mother as she celebrates Independence Day.


3 Responses

  1. Speaking of folios, here’s a link to some photographs of family http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=17322&l=c1ad6&id=798288280 .

  2. How did it go? Sometimes independence isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…

    Fireworks were always scary to me…I would hide under the bed as a child.

    Kaboom Town in Addison, Tx is just up the road. My husband works in an office building close by. We meet his fellow employees on the 10th floor and watch the fireworks at eye level with KVIL (I think) playing the choreographed patriotic music. I’m always surprised at how stirring that 20 minutes can be.

  3. Michelle,
    It went pretty well, actually. The children had a memorable time with their mom and grandmother.
    I got some much-needed rest, cleaned up my basement room Saturday and then brought the children over so my son could shoot off fireworks with his friends in my neighborhood.
    Daughter and I played computer games and watched TV. Sunday, we all got up and made it to worship with friends at school.

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