Paid blogging

My entries here have slowed due to schedule changes with children and pondering where to go with my writing – specifically how to get paid for blogging.

This all comes at the same time I’m wondering and learning what God wants from me and what He might have me write.

What follows is what I’ve come up with as far as the “getting paid for blogging” adventure and research so far. I’ll list some of the sites at the end.

Evidently, blogging for bucks is a popular topic.

My own attempts have an origin dating back to 1988 when I found publications would pay me to write.

I’ve written little freelance because it takes time to first write a query letter, then research, interview sources, write the story and then go through the editing process. Then wait for publication since most gigs involve a “pay on publication” policy. Never know when a story might get axed to make room for a nice advertisement that pays the publisher big bucks.

The advent of internet publications promised another way to write for income.

But I didn’t even explore that path and continued working for newspapers until 2005.

Then my career path took me into Human Resources. I work at a call center helping employees with their benefits.

But I still had an urge to write – somehow to do so while seeking God.

So, while reading a devotional at one day I linked to a humorous blog there written by John Shore. That got me to where I started this blog.

Then I started writing and began to lament that I wasn’t being paid for it.
One blogger suggested I try Vox, but I wasn’t ready at the time.

When I was ready, I began by trying two sites recommended by friends – Associated Content and

Of the two, Associated Content proved much easier to use. This proved critical due to time demands that made finding a site quick and easy to use necessary. has a lot of hoops to jump through and hard-to-decipher procedures to follow in order to get review materials or tickets to movie previews needed for movie reviews. When I did sign up for a preview of “Get Smart” in New York City, I could never get confirmation or contact from the Warner Bros. contact listed in the e-mail sent out by So goodbye to them.

Meanwhile, over at Associated Content, I’ve earned $4.18 with posts here and have some decent “clips” to point to. The point there was not necessarily to earn the cash but to point to a professional portfolio.

When the muse strikes me, I still prefer to post here because it’s faster and I get immediate gratification and answers. I can write about religion, my children, anything without having to wait to see it published.

Meanwhile, there’s a review period submissions have to go through at Associated Content. Topics and submissions – mine have focused on music, worship and my cat’s autopsy – have to be more focused. They’ve promised to reduce this review time, but my friends live and post in this “bloghood” and its easier to reach.

As far as a more detailed description about the paid blogging process, there’s an excellent post here:

There’s a list of sites that pay bloggers here: .

This is yet a better site I just found after writing this entry.


7 Responses

  1. I’m glad you posted on this topic, Sam. You said you tend to post here on the blog because “I get immediate gratification and answers.”

    I’m much the same way at, a site that is really less about editing than the title implies.

    I always wonder if I’m using the blog as an excuse not to polish, though. Sometimes I worry that blogging encourages a lack of discipline in the craft of writing.

    And other times, I think writer’s have never had such close and intimate connection with readers to help them learn quickly what’s working (look at those google analytics!) and what’s not (only two people read that post?).

  2. Mark,
    Thanks for your response.
    I have no doubt my writing here is not as polished as if it was for a newspaper or AC. I write here to communicate quickly ideas or events to my friends and relatives.
    John Shore pointed out a few months ago that anything you write will be read and if you want respect, write well.
    I’ve been trying to do better but still lack discipline.
    (If editing, I’d change your sentence to “I worry blogging encourages a lack of discipline in the writing craft.”)
    Sometimes, I’ll also go back and edit my entries. I’ve edited some up to seven times after hitting publish.

  3. Fascinating thought. Getting paid to do what I do anyway.

    Of course, I’m not sure how I would spend my whole $4.18. ; – )

  4. L.L.,
    I’ve decided to spend it all at McDonalds.


  5. Well, $4.18 is a good start; at least it’s better than nothing…

    But then again, if it stays within that range for all the hard work you do, that may be a different story

  6. Hi Sam!

    Pondering the same, too. 🙂

    One of my friends who, like me, is a freelance writer and an active blogger, had made a move — having a self-hosted blog, with ads in it.

    Don’t know how his blog is doing, income wise, but we’re hoping his blog will do well.

    Good luck… to us!

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