Thanks Be to God

I’d like to thank everyone who puts up with my comments at their blogs, my friends, employer and God for all the blessings they send my way.


So I will.


Thanks, all you bloggers over there at the blogroll to the left.


Thanks Jim and Marcus for your common sense, wisdom and responding to e-mails sent through other sites.


Thanks L.L. for encouragement and kindness.


Thanks Michelle for your prayers.


Thanks Ric for poetic enthusiasm and punning.


Thanks Drew for being so grounded.


Thanks John for promoting God’s love, being so funny and laughing at my attempts at humor.


Thanks Bob for intelligent writing that blows me away and “what I learned from” contests.


Thanks Jeff for separating the wheat from the chaff as in what’s important in following Christ and what’s not.


Thanks Supernovamom for providing me money-saving information and details on events to take my children to.


I appreciate you all.


Thanks God, for my internet acquaintances. Bless them richly, show your love to them and fill them with your peace.






8 Responses

  1. A big ol’ hat tip back at ya, Sam! Although… I don’t see anybody listed on the left. Unless it’s because you’re looking at it from the inside of my screen… 😀

  2. Bob,
    Oops. Where would we be without editors. Uh, try the right.
    This is how you can tell when I’m writing stream-of-consciousness style.

  3. Awwrrrr, shucks. [Kicks foot, looks aside]

    ‘t’weren’t nuthin’, compadre.

  4. Thanks for the link love and appreciation, bro. Appreciation rightbackatcha.

  5. And thanks, Sam, for putting your life and thoughts in words for us, always real, always fresh.

  6. You came to mind…I prayed…clicked over…


    I really appreciate you too. 😉

  7. What a sweet thing. Thank YOU for links and your continued encouragements.

  8. Hey Sam, Thanks for the link love! I am just back from vacation. I went to my sister’s wedding, my Dad’s, my brother’s, and my high school class reunion!! phew!

    I’m back a work resting now… And catching up on all I missed while away.

    Thanks again bro.

    And as far as puns go, I bow before you. Not because I’m better. I’m just quicker to the bow.

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