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Politics, Anger at God and Children’s Boredom

This blog entry will cover topics such as being angry at God, trying to decide who to back for president and spending a few vacation days with my children.

The presidential political process gets my goat every four years as I observe it and then try to cast an informed vote.

When I try to bring God into it and guess who God wants me to vote for, it gets even murkier.

It takes the form of “gee God, which party’s platform follows your word most closely?”

I can argue Democrat for God’s compassion, but I can argue Republican for God’s focus on personal responsibility. I could argue Libertarian on the grounds God wants to take it to the next notch and let families and Christ’s followers take care of each other instead of asking government to step in.

But hey, I’m tired of arguing.

So I’m pretty interested to see what Mark Goodyear has to say when he publishes an interview mentioned at his blog.

The blog entry is called “Michael Hyatt, Stephen Mansfield, Tony Jones, and Me and You Talk Politics in Hell.”

It’s found here http://www.goodwordediting.com/index.php/2008/06/20/michael-hyatt-stephen-mansfield-tony-jones-and-me-and-you-talk-politics-in-hell/

Goodyear asks Tony Jones two interesting questions I can’t wait to read the answers to:
   Tony, what does it look like when politicians worship God through their work?
   Tony, what does it look like when voters worship God through their engagement of politics?

 So now, acknowledging that politics may incite some to anger at God, another motivator toward that end is when we think we have done quite enough good and hard work to earn God’s favor and so get angry when he doesn’t give us our heart’s desires.

This is a hypothetical situation that I, of course, would never yell at God over.

And I’ve never, ever lied, either.

“Why is life so hard?” someone in depths of despair asked me recently.

“God gave us free will. It kind of stems from that,” I answered.

“You’re no help” the person responded.

I agreed.

I can write out an answer or argument all day long but ask me a question point blank to my face and I’ll return a blank stare until the wheels slowly turn and I can respond, usually with a glib or pat answer.

Later, of course, I remembered the answer. We asked for it in the garden of Eden when we disobeyed God. He cursed us with work as part of the punishment. But God gave us a way back through Jesus’ death and power to overcome through the Holy Spirit.

We are also promised hard times in the New Testament, but again God promises to help us.

In this case, the person begging me for a comforting answer was really upset because the person wanted what they wanted when they wanted it and blamed God for not giving it to them right away.

Sort of like my children (nice transition, huh?)

They wanted me to entertain them or take them someplace to be entertained ($$$$$) the two days they were with me on my impromptu sudden summer vacation.

They have enough possessions, Nintendo DS games, television, movies, skateboards, scooters, bikes, basketballs and books – heck, even another computer – to entertain themselves.

When they visit me, there’s even my sister’s dog thrown in.

We do things together, don’t get me wrong – like walking my sister’s dog to the park to play. However, my children are learning that as much fun as I can be, dad isn’t the constant entertainer and playtoy. I think they’re catching on I have my own life.

Said dog, shown below with my daughter, will bite you if you attempt to wake the children by shaking them.

God’s peace and love.



5 Responses

  1. Sam,

    Being self-amusing is something I’ve consciously strove (strived? striven? :o) to teach all five of my kids from very early on. NOT because I didn’t want to deal with them, but because that’s the only way for them to learn to become independent – not just of their parents, but of everyone.

    I’ve known people (we call them “extroverts”) who can’t be happy unless they’re around others, all the time. How sad. The best thing you can do as a parent is not to teach you child to hole up in their room with video games (“Neglectovision”, as we call it), but to learn how to be “into” things without you.

    Tonight while I was preparing dinner, we had:

    1 daughter reading.
    1 daughter playing the piano
    1 son weaving


    Then they asked and were allowed to go watch some episodes of “The Muppet Show” (first season).

    I think they’ll be OK.

    Yours, too.

    Take care.


  2. Hey, Sam!

    Politics – Anger at God – Bored Children

    Our lives tend to run down similar paths…

    Blessings to you ~Michelle.

  3. It’s actually kind of fascinating to see how politics can so bother people so much. Can cause so much argument and anger and passion. Why is that?

  4. Oops. That was a lot of “so’s”. (Where was my editor when I needed her? : )

  5. Jim,
    Given your mathmatical prowess and the fits my son is throwing, I may send him your way. He misses the Ozarks anyway.

    Yes, I agree. Wait for my next post.

    I got off on the wrong foot once with an editor over politics. Wish I’d kept my mouth shut instead of opening it and putting foot to uvula.


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