For two children I don’t know and yet care about

I’m writing this because there are two children in Romania who will have their day in court today, June 16.

Normally I wouldn’t be aware.  

Someone – and God – made me care.

This is partly how:

A person who I worship God with spoke with an orphanage director in Romania.  

On our e-mailed prayer request list the news reads:

“There are two four-year-old girls who have been in foster care most of their lives and these foster parents want to adopt the children. However, the biological mother has decided she wants them back. The reintegration hearing when the girls will most likely be turned over to the biological mother takes place June 16. 

They live in a gypsy village and the grandmother is responsible for training two- to four-year-olds to fight like dogs. The social workers and staff at the orphanage are very discouraged.”

 “Please remember to pray as this would not be the best choice for these children.”

No doubt.

But that’s just my opinion.

With permission I’ll put more information out here about the situation for orphans in Romania.

This is a summary of what I can put out now taken from a ministry’s website:

Romania bowed to European Union pressure and passed a new set of “child welfare” laws in June 2004.
International adoption has been banned, and domestic adoption has been severely restricted.
Children who could have been adopted – either internationally or within Romania – are now stuck in a legal “no man’s land,” abandoned in hospitals, doomed to a life of impermanence in foster care, or perhaps worst of all, heartlessly sent back to live with their neglectful birth families with almost no supervision by social workers.

Again, please pray for these two children and the plight of others in the same situation.

Sorry for such a sobering message on Father’s Day, when I witnessed my own two children having such fun together (below).



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