Around my bloghood with They Might Be Giants

They Might Be Giants puzzles my children, frequently keeps me entertained and sends e-mails to me.

I’ve worn out their album “Flood” and I’m on the band’s e-mailing list.

So I thought it was extra-special cool to find Marcus over at Good Word Editing featuring one of the band’s videos in his post on a devotional about entering God’s rest.

I’ll let you read and view it here: .

 Now, hum if you will “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)” as we tour the rest of my bloghood.

Coffee with Drew has the plastic Lego church here

John Shore had a visitor link to this site that has all sorts of neat pages.

I’ve started to post for pay at and Associated Content under “Samuel Adams.”

L.L. Barkat has a “Bridge of Sighs” post over here though I’m not sure she’s heard of Robin Trower.

At “Letters from Kamp Krusty” Brandt is enraptured with the rapture and tells of a unique service that will send e-mails to loved ones when “The Rapture” occurs. His post here .

Don’t be mistaken Ric’s got to be breakin’ here .

Michelle’s playing Picasso here .

Robert’s got some cat tales and communications going on here and involved me in the latest “What I learned from…” entry. Mine will be posted on Associated Content, I hope, if they let me get away with it. It is about animal C.S.I., sort of.

That’s pretty much it except to mention the design change they snuck in on me at one of my favorite sites for inspiration, .

Go check that out and tell me what you think.


8 Responses

  1. Thanks for the link! It’s encouraging to see you actually know who They Might Be Giants are. Lately, I’ve been surprised by the people who didn’t know about them.

    As to Flood… I was always a Particle Man kind of person myself.

  2. Um, I thought “They Might Be Giants” were those little sock puppets in the video. [woefully culturally ignorant]

    I also thank you for the link. And of course, you probably already guessed it… I don’t know what “Bridge of Sighs” refers to nor do I know who Robin Trower is [strike two, on “woefully culturally ignorant”]

    Okay, what is Flood and Particle Man, Marcus? [strike three]

    I LOVED the Plastic Church. That was pretty funny.

  3. L.L.,
    I’ve been thinking since I wrote my post it was arrogant on my part to assume you didn’t know about Robin Trower.
    I apologize for my arrogance.
    In fact, I looked up the meaning of “Bridge of Sighs” using Google, went here and found it’s original meaning is a bridge in Venice, Italy.
    It has such a rich, poetic history that I believed I should make amends and allow you to elaborate on what you find out about the famous bridge, should you want to.
    Really, I’m embarrassed because my knowledge and “culture” was limited to a rock song while you have a much broader cultural perspective based in poetry and the arts.

  4. Oh, Sam….sorry! Do take my words in jest. 🙂 I felt no offense at all. In fact, I was amused and amusing myself when I commented.

    (And of course you were right… I didn’t know about Robin Trower. Which means you aren’t arrogant, but marvelously perceptive.)

  5. Thanks for the link, Sam. I always appreciate and enjoy your thoughts and perspective.

  6. […] might be giantsOwn a WordPress blog? Make monetization easier with the WP Affiliate Pro plugin. Around my bloghood with They Might Be Giants saved by 3 others     whatistug bookmarked on 06/15/08 | […]

  7. Достал телефон показал тему. И ты наш человек.

  8. Суперский рассказ и автор молодец!

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