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Train, Train, take me on out of this town…

That’s how it went – the song by Blackfoot in the late 1970s with the killer blues harp.

And I could play the intro.

So naturally it was one of the first concerts I remember attending.

Jim sparked this entry with his blog entry here http://lordibelievehelpmyunbelief.blogspot.com/2008/06/who-have-you-seen-live.html

Of course, a friend says “Sam, how could you forget seeing the Grand Ol’ Opry live at Ryman Auditorium?”

Well, seeing as how that was way back in the 1960s – I think about 1965 – I’d say pretty easy.

All I remember about that event – could it be included as a concert? – was how my dad thought some comic named “Stringbean” was hilarous.

But back to Blackfoot.

That was during the end of the era when all the young dudes carried the ‘ludes (Mott the Hoople reference there) and for that 1977 Blackfoot/Sammy Hagar/Ronnie Montrose and Gamma triple bill concert I think I might have too.

This is not bragging or celebrating misspent youth. I get pretty angry sometimes thinking about all the great Rock bands I’ve seen and now can’t remember because of stupid, hedonistic excess.

Boston in the late 1970s joined with Kansas in my memory. For a while I ran the two together as a double bill in my memory – but they never played a double bill in Fort Worth or Dallas.

I vaguely remember REO Speedwagon.

There was once where a friend and I went up on top of the Hinckley Cold Storage warehouse in Dallas to view the Texas Jam. We could see the lasers and hear Blue Oyster Cult quite well.

Then there was Lonnie Brooks, a blues player who let me interview him after a concert at East Texas State University. We also shared a few beers and played pool. To this date he remains my ideal of a working blues artist.

During 1982 at technical school, Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, MS, I went out to a Van Halen concert featuring the original lineup. I had a seat close to the stage. Dave Lee Roth wore a loincloth and would occasionally flip it up to moon us. Other than that – an excellent concert.

Then when stationed at Bergstrom AFB, I went to see Petra at one of their stops captured on their live album.

Then there was Jethro Tull in 1989. Ian Anderson came out in a wheelchair as a joke.

Somewhere in there I saw 2nd Chapter of Acts in Dallas. I also saw Steve Camp and Degarmo & Key at Six Flags over Texas where they prayed for me backstage after an interview and photos.

The Biggest Party in History, Labor Day, 1989, featured me tagging along behind Randy Quaid who refused to say a word to anybody for some reason – maybe it was in his contract. That night I was close enough to The Who to see Pete Townsend reading lyrics off a monitor as they performed. My press pass had gotten me up front with the photographers.

And I saw the Pogues.

Was supposed to interview Alan Jackson in the early 1990s in Waco but he got upset over something and his manager apologized that he wouldn’t be giving an interview.

I shook Willie Nelson’s hand and got his autograph at a benefit in Hill County, Texas, after the courthouse there burned down.

Then I saw a friend of mine for the last time at a B-52s / Ziggy Marley double bill in Dallas in 1993.

The last concert event viewed live was Brooks & Dunn at Pleasure Island, Texas.

Those are the concerts that immediately sprang to mind. I’m sure I’ve forgotten others.

Thanks Jim.


6 Responses

  1. I wrote my friend Steve for help and he wrote back:

    Thin Lizzy opened for that Kansas show I went to with you in July 1978.

    Sammy Hagar opened for Boston at TCCC in Feburary 1979. Did you see him a second time?

    We went to a free Triumph show at TCCC sometime either in 1979 or 1980. I don’t remember who else besides Triumph played — they were the headliner. We went with Jack Hood (before his born-again Christian days) and some druggie friend of his. Somebody (in our party) had too much beer and threw up on the arena floor. It wasn’t either of us.

    I saw Blackfoot open for somebody at a concert I saw with you, but I can’t be sure who it was. Probably REO Speedwagon. We saw them at least twice. The second time, your cousin Billy (the bass player) was with us. Anyway — did you see Blackfoot a second time?

    We saw Larry Norman do a solo acoustic show at the Duncanville High School auditorium — not clear on exactly when.

    Although at least the first 3 concerts I went to were all with you, I went to a few with other people later, so I get them mixed up sometimes. We would have seen Foghat (with Pat Travers opening) together at Reunion, if you hadn’t given your ticket to some friend of yours without telling me. Imagine my surprise when he showed up instead of you.

    At any rate, I also remember seeing (possibly with someone else):

    Dan Fogelberg and band (w/ GFATT [girlfriend at the time] and Darryl and his date)

    Toto (twice — once with GFATT and once with another date)

    Christopher Cross (twice — with GFATT both times)

    Queen w/ Billy Squier opening (with Kristi and GFATT — Dad said Kristi could go only if I went with her, so I went)

    Moody Blues (with Russell Smith)

    Paul Simon (with my friend Rick Maneval — I don’t believe you know him)

    Dr. John (w/ Rick Manevel)

    Petra (I don’t remember who I saw them with the first time — I saw them again later with Darlene and a couple from work)

    Phil Keaggy (could have been with you)

    Little Feat (Reverend Horton Heat opening)

    The Choir (various times with various people, but I think Rick was always one of them)

    The 77s (various times with various people)

    I also saw Kansas and REO Speedwagon other times besides when I went with you. Whitesnake opened for Kansas the last time (!!). I don’t remember who opened for REO the last time. I, too, have seen Jethro Tull — at least twice — but I don’t think either time was with you. I definitely went with GFATT the first time. It was on Halloween night — and yes, several concertgoers showed up in costume.

    There were others, but they were mostly club dates, like Nick Lowe and Lone Justice. I don’t actually remember seeing a big arena show after 1989 or so (with the sole exception of Paul Simon, which I went to at the last minute because Rick had free tickets and VIP parking — that was at the Smirnoff Center at Fair Park). The last big arena show I actually paid to see was Jethro Tull in 1989.

    I’m jealous that you got to see The Who. –Steve

  2. Hey, I had the Montrose album where Sammy Hagar was the singer. At 16 I thought it rocked.

    Per the hedonism thing – yeah, like I said, I don’t remember much of the ELO concert…It had…lasers…and…music. :o)

    I’m most jealous of you getting to see the B-52’s. We’re big B-52’s fans in this house.

  3. Steve,
    I’m jealous you got to see Queen.
    And I remember going to a Larry Norman concert but he didn’t show. You must have went to a rain check show or something while I missed it.

  4. Jim,
    You slipped in there. Man, I’d have loved to see ELO and several others you listed – especially Dave Brubeck. I’ve almost got Isaak’s “Wicked Game” down. Yes, I sing tenor.
    I took History of Jazz in college the first time I went in 1980. Finished my degree in 1993.

  5. Oh wait, the degree was Communications/Journalism – not History of Jazz.
    Sorry if I misled.

  6. Wow. And you can still hear? : )

    I’ve only been to a rock concert once in my life. As I recall, I sat through the whole thing with my hands over my ears! Poor U2. I hope I didn’t insult them.

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