Grace Car Care Q & A

Today’s blog entry focuses on a question asked by Jim from not long ago about car care help offered through the body of believers I worship with.

Jim wanted details about the help and how it might work in his locality.

John responded…

“Hi Sam,
Just getting to your email, hope it’s not too late to use in your blog.  Did you track down a manifold for the jeep?”

Then John went to the Q&A:

Q:  How is carcare doing?

A:  Carecare tries to meet physical and spiritual needs in the community we are located.  So, sometimes we are doing better at one over the the other.

Physical needs, (usually starts with car repairs – but not necessarily), are rather easy to meet. There is a huge need in our community for help with gas, car parts, car repairs and help with finding a ‘good’ used vehicle. Spiritual needs are the reason we do the ‘physical’ services.  They are not as common or frequent since we are waiting on the Lord’s timing to move in peoples’ hearts. While we learn to be patient, we do our best to build friendships with the people that cross our path.

Q: Some success stories?

A1:  Lots of physical success stories to list.  1st year – close to 50 cars serviced.  2nd year – over 100 cars serviced.  3rd year – started turning donated cars around to families in need.  4th year – not so many cars serviced, (approx 10 and 3 cars donated), but spending more time building long term friendships and inviting families to attend a church.

A2:  Also some spiritual success stories – this is why we keep doing this

  • Took care of a (client friend) two kids for two months while going thru an alcoholic recovery program.  
  • Provided bail bond services for a (client friend) in jail.  
  • Pickup and drive a (client friend) to church every week who does not have a license.  
  • Provide a vehicle for a (client friend) to get groceries and drive to church on Sundays.
  • Seen a (client friend) Christian brother grow and mature in his faith.

Q:  How could this service work in a different county or state?

A:  VERY easily.  

First of all – anyone who feels called to do this type of ministry will be able to sense the pleasure of the Lord while building Christian friendships in your community.  This is what will get you under a car in January while it’s snowing outside!  

Some advice if you concerned about finding people who are deserving since no one wants to be taken advantage of.  Introduce yourself to a local shelter leader and tell them about your car service.  They will put you to work in a heartbeat.  Anyone who is living in a shelter needs help. You don’t have to ask financial questions – trust me – they are deserving of help.

The Grace Car Car site is at .

Many who help with it are found here .


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