Favorite Bible book = John’s Gospel

Jim tagged me for “Favorite book of the Bible” meme (note how I cut a preposition) and gave me something to ponder at the same time here http://lordibelievehelpmyunbelief.blogspot.com/2008/05/meme-and-dilemma.html .

The meme started here http://www.subversiveinfluence.com/wordpress/?p=1610 .

Hope I’m doing that right and can now go on to defend my choice.

I have to mention runner-up is Revelations just for the imagery.

But John took the prize because everything needed to reveal and then start a relationship with the Holy Trinity – salvation through Jesus Christ, a walking relationship with God the Father and empowerment through the “helper,” the Holy Spirit – is laid out.

The metaphors are fantastic – Jesus the Shepherd, the vine, living water. Teaching stories abound.

As Jim said, Jesus appears personable and powerful. Witness his sadness at his friend Lazarus’ death even as he knows God will use the event to reveal Jesus as God’s son.

Don’t have much more to add than that other than the love shown through the gospel.

I tag:

Michelle http://considerjesus.wordpress.com/

Ric http://ricbooth.wordpress.com/

Marcus http://www.goodwordediting.com/index.php/2008/05/23/looking-for-intimacy-with-god/

Robert http://middlezonemusings.com/be-very-afraid/ 

and I would tag my son but his blog isn’t at the address he said it was. Soon as I find it, I might post it. Still thinking that one over.





9 Responses

  1. Sam,

    Thanks for participating! I really liked what you said about it being all that’s needed to build a relationship with the Trinity.

  2. Now this is a meme I will enjoy!

    Usually I pass, I’ll be posting in the next couple of days. I don’t have to pick the Gospel of John, do I? 😆

  3. Michelle,
    Feel free to fire away with any book from the canon.
    I loved your post about your dad. Made me envious for a bit but I got over it.
    Recognized “Argus” as a publisher of a few calendars and posters I’d bought years ago.

  4. “… fire away with any book from the canon.”

    Now that’s funny, Sam! Hey, I’m going to have to pick one now? Yeesh!

    Give me a few days to think about this one…

  5. […] 30, 2008 in Bible, Friends, blogging, meme Sam of samwrites2.wordpress.com tagged me with a “favorite book of the the bible” meme. Sam’s favorite is John […]

  6. I did it…I don’t know the difference between pinging and linking…so you’re linked instead.

    It was fun. Thanks for tagging me on this one. 😉

  7. Robert and Michelle,
    Thanks for your appreciation.
    Robert, I plan to write what animals taught me. (I still have some scars).
    Michelle, when you posted your blog entry about Zechariah I’d just gone through a quick study of Hezekiah. I thought that was amazing timing.

  8. Favorite book. That’s a tough one. I think it changes sometimes, depending on where I’m at personally. But I must say that the poetry of Isaiah always touches me deeply.

  9. L.L.,
    I’ll agree with your point.
    Sunday’s lesson came from Isaiah 55 – the “My ways are not like your ways” part. This was enough to distract me from the surroundings where I gather with others following Jesus.
    Meanwhile, if you see my comment over at Mark Goodyear’s blog you’ll note the connection between the Brooklyn Bridge and a suspension bridge in Waco, Texas.
    Not as poetic as your blog entry, but I didn’t want to leave the same comment at your blog.
    For some reason I’m fascinated with the way John Roebling, who designed both bridges, died and see it as a cautionary tale for those who put off going to see a doctor when ill.

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