Volunteers of America

“One generation got old
One generation got soul
This generation got no destination to hold.”
– “Volunteers” by Jefferson Airplane

That’s just to get your attention and direct you to Jim’s site where he’s re-thinking volunteer work.

His post is here:


Should you look at all the categories I checked and then read his entry you’ll see they apply.

Especially when you go back a few blog entries of mine where I’m trying to teach my son the importance of giving to those in need.

In Harrison, Arkansas, I was briefly involved in Habitat for Humanity and would like to take up the hammer again somehow in this area and live out my faith through my works.

But a critical area in doing that in my life is scheduling – actually making the time to do so. I’m thinking what Jim’s proposing coupled with effective information-gathering such as Supernovamom does (she is saving me a lot of cash) could make for some awesome results benefitting all those involved.

And more importantly, advancing God’s Kingdom.

God’s peace and love to you all.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the link love, Sam. Now, if I only had something “real” to show for it.

  2. Sam,

    Totally unrelated but interesting.
    1) I think we work for the same company. I’m in Notes as Eric Booth.

    2) I tagged you with a meme (it is simple)

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