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Grace Car Care

Grace Care Care is an outreach of Grace Bible Church.

The outreach program aims to help put those in need of a vehicle into a reliable vehicle.

That word “outreach” I know sets the alarms off over at Jim’s site. Jim asked me to blog about the car ministry (oops – sorry, more alarms) and I am more than willing to.

But I’m just someone who benefitted from the kindness of the Christians trying to love others by meeting a basic need, as seen below.

This is the vehicle loaned to me by a friend at Grace and later sold to me at a reasonable price.

Before that, I had a car given me, but I waited too long on replacing a water pump I’d patched myself and wound up with a blown head gasket.

The details on the ministry, program, or whatever can be found here: http://www.gracecarcare.org.

As to how the ministry works, I’m trying to get John who hosts the website to post a description.

I believe the church elders of Grace Bible Church meet and try to decide how to best allocate resources or who is in the most need based on prayer and God’s guidance.

But I’m hoping John will clarify that.

My aim as a writer was to help get them 501C3 status. The drive toward that was put on hold – I’m not sure if it will be an outreach of the church and fall into that definition of charity – or if they will go the route of incorporating as their own charity and seeking a community block grant. Of course, most grants come with strings attached and that in turn could turn out to be a hindrance.

I do remember Loudoun County officials were eager to work with Grace to get such a program in place and offered assistance.

So I’ll get more detail about how the program works once I get in touch with John.

Meanwhile, my children enjoy the vehicle we now have and today it transported my new fitness trainer – seen drinking orange juice above – and me to Ida Lee Park in Leesburg.

My fitness trainer decided I’m getting too flabby and led me on a mile-long forced march through the park’s fields.

We had a cool down period on mossy rocks, below, and contemplated God and nature.

Then we proceeded to the swing set where we talked about Jesus.

Later, at the library, my daughter said she wants to learn a third language.

She says she knows two already – English and Christian.

I’m not sure I’m communicating effectively with her.

But I’ll keep trying.

Digame, nina, como se llama tu padre?

Paz de Dios



4 Responses

  1. Thanks, Sam. I look forward to more information on this ministry/outreach/program/whatever. :o)

  2. Beautiful pictures, Sam.

    I saw your comment over on GoodWord. How sweet that you were on my side! : ) Honestly, I would have had to give it back if I’d won, because I couldn’t swing the time frame on those particular retreats.

    But, because of your enthusiasm, I actually began looking into other retreats there. I’m considering going to the one where Lauren Winner is speaking. She’s a favorite of mine. (So, go ahead and pull for me on that possibility. : )

  3. Oh! And I meant to tell you. Robert Hruzek of Middle Zone Musings won. He lives in Houston (if I recall correctly). So it’s a good fit.

  4. L.L.,
    I’ve read his blog a couple times. He’s great and I’m starting to suspect we work for similar companies. The Dilbert cartoon rocked.
    His Houston residence does make it a good fit.
    I wouldn’t be able to go either even though almost all the retreats scheduled interest me.
    Your latest blog entry made for interesting reading. Had to hold off on ordering the book for scheduling reasons. Looks like I’ll have to order through Barnes & Noble since I get a hefty discount there.

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