New Writing Link – Oh Joy!

Yet another new Christian writing link and/or writing for Christians link – this one from a place dear to my heart – Texas! and the beautiful hill country of Texas at that!

This site is at

There’s also a writing contest going on that’s advertised there I’ll blog about later today. Of course, when I write later today since I don’t know how to set the wordpress clock that probably means it will show up early May 7. That really should translate to sometime between 4:30 and 9 p.m. EST.

My aim is just to give folks as much heads up as possible about the contest. When I write my memoir on the contest prize you’ll see why.

God’s peace and love to all as I rush back to work from my break.


2 Responses

  1. Hey, thanks for the link, Sam! I just got back and found my site in a post with joy in the title. That’s a good pick-me-up, let me tell you.

  2. Mark,
    Sure, your name and location summon good memories! The Goodyear I referred to in my comment sang with me in a choir and was always fun to be around.
    You’re in Kerrville, a location I loved to visit – never made it during the Bluegrass Festival though.
    I look forward to exploring your site. I’ve a total of at least 12 years in journalism (including 3 1/2 years at Waco Tribune-Herald from 1990-1993) but only blog now.
    And H.E.B. is probably the most generous grocery store chain (and family) I’ve come across. I remember writing about the foundation a couple of times as a journalist in Texas.

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