Synchroblog Monday

There’s a synchroblog going on today due to instructions at

The questions for the synchroblog are these:

How are you doing?

Don’t know yet because I’m cheating and writing this on Sunday, May 4. Today, I’m feeling I once again focused too much on myself and not enough on others. I thought it was all about me again. Then over at John Shore’s blog Shore left a comment I thought was sarcastic to remind me it’s not all about me. This was in keeping with a friend’s lesson earlier on Nehemiah that at one point emphasized Nehemiah was not just about rebuilding Jerusalem’s walls – it was getting the point across to the Jews that “It’s All About God.” 

What are you doing?


I just finished a walk in the park with my two children and my sister’s dog. Then I came in to blog and try and encourage others at their blog. Then I thought – “hey, why not get this synchroblog out of the way?”

What are you learning?

That I love the people in the church I attend in a library, really appreciate the Q&A session after the lessons (can’t rightly call them sermons) and that there’s still so much out there to learn.

What are you dreaming about?

MY DREAMS, THEY AREN’T AS EMPTY AS MY CONSCIENCE SEEMS TO BE… But seriously, I don’t remember most of my dreams. My kids (we all sleep in the same room when they come over) say I thrash in my sleep and they worry about whatever it is I’m dreaming about. If the question refers to goals, those dreams include: writing fulltime, being at both my son’s and daughter’s weddings one day, walking with God in peace and love and passing that peace and love on to others, especially my children.

Imperial Storm Troopers from the “Star Wars” saga dream of leaving the outdoor mall and traveling to more exotic planets than Earth. Instead, their latest assignment had them accompanying Darth Vader on a book-signing tour. Vader’s tour is to promote his memoirs “Tool of the Dark Side: My Jedi Journey into the Heart of Darkness and Back into Love’s Light.” Critics say the “farce” is with him.


4 Responses

  1. Sam ~ Those are some good dreams!

  2. I think it significant that most of us have simplified things as we have grown.

    For me, it has become mostly about my family- dreaming of seeing the wedding days and passing on love to our children.

    There are less driven goals in my life- yet the ones I know have contain so much more meaning.

  3. ps I don’t mean KNOW HAVE…I mean now have.


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