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Yes, free ice cream and I didn’t tell you

Somehow over at John Shore’s blog today we descended from Adam into lactose intolerant hell.

It happened here http://johnshoreland.com/2008/04/28/if-we-were-descended-from-apes-at-least-i-wouldnt-have-to-work/#comments .

We just got to having too much pun and then I sprang the news about Ben & Jerry’s Free Ice Cream day described at www.benjerry.com.

I thought everyone knew.

On one of the local morning newscasts, the story ran just after the lead story – Trio of Tornadoes tear through Southern Virginia. 200 injured in Suffolk area. Blah, blah blah (no disrespect to the victims – just the newscasters).

(Broadcast journalist Rita turns to other journalist): Hey Bob! Guess where the kids and I will be when they get out of school today?

Bob: “Where?”

Rita: “At the nearest Ben & Jerry’s”

(Rita faces camera 2 as camera man goes for the head shot): “Ben & Jerry’s are giving away a scoop of ice cream today to mark their 30th Anniversary.”

(Viewer turns off TV.)

How I got wind of it came not from the TV news, but a blog I have on my Google Reader. It’s local to my area and so I didn’t put it on my blogroll.

It’s here http://supernovamom.wordpress.com/ , and I’m getting to where I could not get by without it. This former editor turned stay-at-home mom has a companion site here http://supernovakidseatfree.wordpress.com/2008/04/23/ben-jerrys-free-cone-day/ .

What a woman and lady.

If she figures out how to franchise this across the U.S. a la craigslist she will strike gold.

I have no idea if she follows Jesus Christ as a Christian but she is sure practicing true religion by “showing a beggar where to get bread.”

She is saving me cash and helping me find activities for my children to do – and making it easy!

Thank you, oh thank you, supernova mom.



3 Responses

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Sam! I’m fighting hard against the blog taking over my new SAHM life, but I had been looking for something like this since I moved to NoVa three years. Before the blog, I used troll more than a dozen Web sites every week to find out what’s going on in our area, and I figured I might as well save other parents the same trouble. Also, almost all of the DC family sites and publications focus on Maryland and DC activities–NoVa is a black hole to them, it seems. We need a daily NoVA paper!

  2. Supernovamom,
    My journalism side agrees with you on the paper, but since the last newspaper I worked for fired me and you truly can now take Ipods and other gadgets with you to read while in the restroom I’m afraid I’ll stick to your site.
    Coupons – print them from the web. Read on the throne – cell phone or some other gadget.
    Actually done that already with my cell – reading the business headlines instead of holding a big, floppy newspaper in my hands.
    That’s where it is going. Check out journalismjobs.com and see. Check out the link here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGCJ46vyR9o&eurl=http://nathangann.com/?p=204 I found at Jim’s site.
    And I’ve spent at least 12 years in print journalism – reporter, sometime photographer and associate editor – before going to work in an HR call center.
    Your site takes the best of community journalism and makes it easier to access than a newspaper.
    That’s worth money.
    Where readers go, advertisers inevitably follow.
    Need help, here I am.
    Resume is back a ways on one of my January blog entries about shameless self-promotion.

  3. I feel you; I’m a former/current freelance Gannettoid and it hurts to see how painful the transition is for all papers to move into the 20th century and the Internet.

    I’ve thought about monetizing the site, but at this point I really love WordPress.com and it doesn’t allow advertising. I’ll keep in your mind your generous offer, though!

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