Pray Naked

I’m just messing around on a Sunday afternoon when traditionally I’d be napping.

The tune and lyrics to “Pray Naked” keep running through my head relevant to putting up a front toward God or others.

Thankfully, the lyrics are brief so read them and hang on please until I make my point.

No matter who you are
No matter what you do
There’s only one thing
I ask of you
And that’s if you pray
Then when you pray
Be naked prey
Pray naked


Man, sometimes it seems like it takes me 30 minutes to get to the point when talking to God.

Other times, I can scream it out in seconds as “God, help me!”

And the funny thing is it seems to take longer for me to ask God to help somebody – especially if I’m asking God to show me how I can – than to get me out of a jam I got myself into.

This is what I get for studying Job – analyzing prayer too much instead of just talking to God.

And here we go with my first attempt to embed a video…


Hope we can enjoy.


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