More on write and wrong

Writing still gets me.

While working in the call center today I read a compliment/mention at John Shore’s blog.

He gave good advice on becoming an idea factory.

I advise anyone seeking to write to regularly read his blog. It’s efficacious.

Actually, I have a whole list of blogs and websites that once again need to be put into some readable order, but I digress.

An investigative reporter called me today wanting some information and my pulse shot up, my heart raced and I began boring the poor guy with my investigative exploits as well.

We traded war stories.

Of course, the reporter is in the process of writing his second book. I’m trying to help him come up with background free of charge. That’s how excited I get.

Meanwhile, I’m behind two book reviews and still finishing up reading the books.

And I’m trying to set a purpose for my writing other than to bore others or amuse myself.

Money’s good. I really enjoy being paid for my published works.

But it never really paid all the bills.

Nobody took the awards seriously, either.

But I have every thank you note ever sent me from someone who thought they benefited from what I wrote. And I’m still hoping to break the double-digits on those notes one day, but seriously…

I really want to help people – to the point I tend to aim at pleasing them instead of thinking about pleasing God.

Ideally, I can do both with my writing – that’s why my initial goal was to become an investigative reporter and shine the light on evil.

Nobody saw – either the illegal landfill I helped uncover or the two petrochemical company executives caught falsifying emissions records.

Critics liked my film review better – won a 1989 Columbia School of Journalism Gold Crown award. 

Of course, later they changed the award to “Golden Circle.”

I liked the crown better.

Those with a sharp eye can see several more awards won that year by writers and photographers at “The Shorthorn.” That’s the campus newspaper at the University of Texas at Arlington that featured said writers, photographers (spot the two future Pulitzer-winning photogs) and writing coach John Dycus who were kind enough to teach me to write and let me write there.

So when I can put it all together, stop living in the past and get a comprehensive list of writing websites, helpful blogs, utilities etc… together, I will. There’s at least two other comprehensive lists on my list.

That’s the temporary goal.

Long-term, I’d like to keep at it, figure out what to write and why it needs to be written.


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  1. Sam,

    Forgive the profanity, but this is one of the things that kicked me in the @$$ and got me writing every day:

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