Taxing tax time

For myself, taxes were filed and huge refunds sent me long ago.

I’m even now considering what to spend the nifty economic stimulus funds on – oh say, something foolish like rent, food, gas or daycare.

Okay, maybe Chuck E. Cheese’s since the little tax deductions will be responsible for an estimated $600 in stimulus funds.

I guess I should be grateful daycare costs haven’t skyrocketed at the rate of gas.

I’d broached the idea of giving the stimulus funds away early on after the announcement of the tax stimulus.

Now I’m finding I’ll need them just to get by since I only have a take-home pay of $460 every two weeks since a successful lawsuit and garnishment by the hospital I owe thousands of dollars to by not having the foresight to have health insurance before getting ill enough for inpatient treatment. If you liked reading that sentence, imagine how much fun I’m having living it.

But hey, the tax refunds and economic stimulus plan make it easier to bear until I get a higher-paying job writing instead of answering phones in a call center listening to callers complain….

Oh, sorry.

These pity parties can really suck one in.

Anyway, I’m making it and God’s given me peace.

God’s given me enough peace to laugh with a friend as we did my friend’s taxes on 4/14. He owes the feds $65.

That’s until he gets all his medical and dental deductions lined up and hopefully gets a tiny bit back of the thousands he sent Uncle Sam.

That’s pretty much all that’s gone on except for me missing most of Sunday – including church – due to exhaustion and a resulting 18-hour sleep period.

Saturday, the children and I made superhero T-shirts.

We can’t reveal our secret identities yet.

If you’re intent on injustice, just note that a growl and martial arts upside your head may set things right and put you in the slammer.

Yes, my little tax deductions and I had some fun on Saturday.

My daughter, 6, introduced me to her gang of girls from her cul-de-sac, sort of. The children kindly introduced themselves while catching up with my daughter, actually. I met one of the mothers and explained how I don’t actually live on the cul-de-sac but just go there to get the kids from their mother who does. I explained how I drive from Sterling to Leesburg to Purcellville for church.

It sounds a bit martyrish to me, thinking back on it.

Of course, I love playing the martyr.

I once had a co-worker catch me in mid-complaint about all I do for my family and say with a smile “Sam, why don’t you just go outside and climb up on your cross right now?”

That set me to thinking.

So if I come off sounding like a martyr in any of these blog entries, forgive me.

I actually benefit from my children’s company, would go even more out of my way to be with them and probably will before all is said and done and the divorce is final.

I wouldn’t want to miss the questions they ask me such as “Why do we pray from a list instead of just praying about what we think to pray about?”


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