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More music, less contemplating

There’s so much major stuff going on in my life – bankruptcy, divorce, prayer and adjusting to prescription medication, that I just could not blog synchronizingly Monday with the other bloggers talking about church.

Sleep-deprived, ambling through the day seemed like enough while trying to keep my daughter, 6, from taking advantage of me.

I had planned yesterday to add a laundry list to the synchronized blog entry of questions church elders would like answered but decided not to. Seemed like cheating and I wasn’t sure anyone would care.

Instead, Jim’s blog http://lordibelievehelpmyunbelief.blogspot.com/ is pretty much keeping me informed as well as others in the blogosphere. He’s also provided the short book  So You Don’t Want To Go To Church Anymore I plan to read and review.

Meantime, today’s CD is “Vox Humana” by Daniel Amos.

As mentioned before, along with U2, Daniel Amos is one of my favorite bands.

My daughter thinks the music is weird – but not as weird as some of Adrian Belew’s music I’ve been subjecting her too. (There’s an online petition to get Belew inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame out there you can link to from Belew’s website at www.adrianbelew.net ).

Listening to Belew’s “House of Cards” this morning off “Mr. Music Head” made me think of last night’s aborted blog entry and some Christians, myself among the some.

Lyrics are (straight from one of Belew’s blog entries):

people like us have our eyes on the stars and we keep informed via T.V. Guide and we entertain in a house of cards but the trouble remains in our sleeping hearts wake up, wakeup, get out, get out of this house of cards why are we sleeping? why are we blinded, always the little guys? why do we find ourselves always compromised? wake up, wake up, get out, this is a house of cards, yeah why are we sleeping? people like us have lives made of dust and we know too little but we know too much and our puzzled lives have come all apart so we go back to bed with our sleeping hearts and we stay asleep in a house of cards

The synch blog may indicate we’re waking up. I pray so.

But back to the music.

Daughter said (Mom Alana asked me not to use her name in the blog) that her favorite song by Daniel Amos is “A Sigh for You” off “Fearful Symmetry.” She liked the music AND the lyrics.

That floored me.

I’ll end this with those same lyrics and go back to being puzzled. Honestly, I don’t know whether to be happy or grieve over my daughter’s choice in favorite lyrics.

A Sigh For You

from the album “Fearful Symmetry”

Words by Terry Taylor
Music by Terry Taylor, Tim Chandler, Greg Flesch
©1986 Broken Songs (ASCAP)

A sigh for you rides the wind
A cry for you rides the wind
Seeking a world of ten thousand years
A thousand tears I cry

A sigh for you sails the sea
A cry for you sails the sea
Ghost ships that ride on the haunted deep
In passion’s sleep I

Drown in the tears of my brokenness
Then my love walks on the sea
Of my sorrow

A sigh for you breaks my heart
A cry for you breaks my heart
Heaven to heal every misery
Each memory – I’m

Lost in a maze of my fallenness
‘Til my love is slain on a tree
Casting my shadow

A sigh for you rides the wind
A cry for you rides the wind
Seeking a world of ten thousand years
A thousand tears I cry (I would die for you)

A sigh for you
A sigh for you
A sigh for you rides the wind


2 Responses

  1. The song. It’s beautiful poetry really. Sounds and impressions to make a person sigh.

  2. I have nine of the band’s albums and most of the ones from the “Alarma!” Chronicles are like that. Some tracks you wonder if the music wasn’t an afterthought.
    Another track on the same album takes on the death of a child here http://www.danielamos.com/da/fearfulsymmetry/sleepsilentchild.html . A review here – read the entry for “Sleep Silent Child” sums it up http://www.danielamos.com/articles/rfs.html .

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