Quick counter-offensive post before baseball

It’s Saturday with lots to do but I have to write something “off my chest” before taking my son to baseball practice.

I do mean things to people sometimes, especially if I admire them.

That’s my confession.

I will build people up in my mind and intend to encourage them, then try to tease them in a friendly way that comes out all wrong and winds up hurting or at best bewildering them. I’m trying to figure out why – my low self-esteem, extreme lack of social skills or just plain craziness. Maybe a desire for attention – that runs so strong in me that one woman I wooed long ago before I ever married told me she could not even date me because my demand for attention was too great. So go find someone else. And I did, twice and now I’m on my second divorce. So there.

Jesus wants me to follow him and only him no matter what. God wants no other gods – or goddesses – before him.

God especially doesn’t want me competing with him for someone’s attention – God wants me to point to him and tell others to give God their attention.

That’s simple enough to understand. Very hard for me to live.

Regardless, I’ll try to edify and encourage and not be such an ass.

To all I’ve offended, I apologize. And believe me, the Proverb  is correct that says “A brother offended is harder to be won than a fortified castle.”

God’s peace.


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