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Michael Moore has his say “So?”

And if you like my last post, check out Michael Moore’s site at www.michaelmoore.com. Look on the side where it says “Mike’s Letter.”

It’s an interesting letter, but I don’t agree entirely with what Moore says.

I especially don’t get the connection between ousting Saddam Hussein and how it damaged Iraqi Christians. So I’ll be looking into that issue as I am curious.

But I do agree with this quote:

The Founding Fathers would never have uttered the presumptuous words, “God Bless America.” That, to them, sounded like a command instead of a request, and one doesn’t command God, even if they are America. In fact, they were worried God would punish America. During the Revolutionary War, George Washington feared that God would react unfavorably against his soldiers for the way they were behaving. John Adams wondered if God might punish America and cause it to lose the war, just to prove His point that America was not worthy. They and the others believed it would be arrogant on their part to assume that God would single out America for a blessing. What a long road we have traveled since then.”


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