Bobblehead Jesus leaves acceptable image

I really like Jim’s post today on how we “see” Jesus.

One of the images he posted is considered the anthropologically correct one, but I’m partial to the “Sacred Heart” image with the winking Jesus.

Or this image…

Bobblehead Jesus

I like this version of Jesus because you can ask him to do something, give him a thump and he’ll agree.

Gee, Jesus, I want a new car! (thump) and there’s his instant agreement. See, I named it, claimed it and soon I’ll look out in the driveway and there my shiny new car will be, I just know it.

I have the faith that moves Mazdas.

Read the ad for Bobblehead Jesus:

“The Jesus Bobble Head is a plastic bobble-headed tribute to a remarkable man. Humbly dressed in common robes, Jesus stands 7-1/2″ tall and offers a gesture of blessing with his hand. Put him on your dashboard and he just might inspire you to exercise patience and forgiveness on the highway. Comes in a window box with fascinating Jesus quotes and history.”

Who says you can’t put God in a box? That’s if you accept the Divinity of Jesus as I do.

Not everyone does.

But wait, there’s more…

Jesus Action Figure


Also available – Jesus Action Figure

“Everyone has a different take on Jesus. Muslims and Jews saw him as a prophet; Buddhists say he was enlightened; Hindus consider him an avatar (the incarnation of a deity in human form) while Christians hail him as the Son of God. But, wherever your theological compass points, you will agree that this is the coolest action figure since G.I. Joe. Each hard plastic Jesus Action Figure stands 5″ tall with poseable arms to reach toward the heavens and wheels in his base for smooth gliding action. Comes in our illustrated package with biblical quotes on the back.”

Wow, I want this for my kids, too!

They wouldn’t buy it if I pointed at a bum and said “Look kids, there goes Jesus!”

They need a better Jesus image than “the least of these…”


3 Responses

  1. I’m partial to the Buddy Christ which I think is the one you mentioned (sacred heart, pointing and winking) but of course there’s nothing like a dashboard bobble head! We actually have the Buddy Christ on our computer desk, which gets a lot of attention when we have guests.

    The post you linked to is really good. Thanks!

  2. Sam,

    Thanks for the link and the laugh!

    And yes, shush is correct – it’s the Buddy Christ, and I, too, have the figurine in my office. It’s from the Kevin Smith movie “Dogma”. It’s the first title in a list of movies and books that brought me back to the faith. That list was my second blog post when I had just started blogging:

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