All About God

Funny that I hadn’t run into this site before as I am still trying to finish “The Purpose-Driven Life” by Rick Warren.

The site is

I came across it using the search criteria “Codependency and the Bible.” The search specifically led me here .

What prompted the search was work on myself mentioned in the last post about MM4M.

It’s probably too late to help with being a husband what with a divorce coming and all, but I’ve got children that I don’t want to pass on any destructive people-pleasing traits to.

So now I’ve found another tool in the deluge of self-help information out there. The criteria I’m narrowing the field with is, of course, the Bible. This in turn means “God-help” books are actually what I’m looking for outside of the authoritative one, of course.

The first thing I’m looking to find is “What is a boundary and how do I set one?”

That may sound funny, but I really don’t know.


5 Responses

  1. I think co-dependency is being someone’s god instead of pushing them toward God.

    Because you feel responsible for protecting them, for covering them, and that is really God’s job.

    So it’s kind of confusing love with Love.

    Just my opinion!

  2. “Because you feel responsible for protecting them, for covering them, and that is really God’s job.”

    Tina, that just confuses me more. I am responsible for protecting my wife to a point. The fuzzy part is at what point do I let go and let God?
    My wife’s perception that I failed to protect her – from a doctor and even from herself – is a BIG reason we’re divorcing.
    Your definition before that I agree with although I never intended to be my wife’s god. She made me her hero and just as quickly knocked me off that pedestal onto a garbage heap where she made me her “loser husband” and object of derision and scorn. Then I inadvertently did everything I could to live up to her image of loser by trying to please her instead of God. That in turn means I made her my god. Wish I’d spent as much time seeking God’s will as hers.

  3. Hey Sam –

    That really sucks. I’m sorry your wife did that to you.

    I can’t even begin to try to understand the issues between you and her, and you’re right, it is very fuzzy and unclear much of the time especially when we’re dealing with someone so close, about when we are protecting them from evil, and when we are protecting them from God himself. And then there’s always the matter of someone who is so angry at everyone, including themselves, that nothing anyone can do is ever right in their eyes, and that’s just going to hurt no matter what. I’m sorry you’re experiencing that and I am so very sorry that you are hurt. We may not all go through the same experiences, but we all know about being hurt by someone close to us and how damaging that is and how long-lasting the pain. I pray that Daddy makes you aware of just how near he is to you as you walk through the hurt. -tina

  4. A couple books that helped me on my journey: Codependent No More by Melody Beattie and Boundaries by Anne Katherine.

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