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In touch with inner stupidity

You know, I’m getting almost fearful of putting up posts or comments in the blogosphere. Whenever I go back to read them, a lot of times they reveal I’m in touch with my inner foot-in-mouth moron.

I used to say my knee jerks faster than my brain moves and my writing can sure prove it.

Like I just posted a comment over at the blog called John Shore (see link to the right) http://johnshoreland.com/2008/03/07/do-you-think-satan-is-real/#comments that included a sentence saying “Not to downplay satanic influences – but by the power of God’s Holy Spirit we should take inventory of our lives and rid ourselves of our self-generated sin.”

To expand on that and avoid cluttering up Shore’s site yet more, how I “rid myself of sin” is by confessing and repenting of it, asking God’s forgiveness and recognizing Jesus took that sin upon himself while hanging on the cross.

Really, there’s no other way to explain “rid myself of sin” than to say I was looking for the shortest way in words the describe the Christian’s response to Satan outlined in Ephesians.

Obviously, the Apostle Paul outlined the response better.

I’ll leave it at that.


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