Must save what credibility is left here

Just need to make a correction because my credibility is so important to me as a writer.  

 In a comment left on “Suddenly Christian” I attributed a quote wrong. It should have been to Adam Savage. See comment below.

I don’t “know” about your supposition.
When my wife accepted my marriage proposal that confirmed there was a God for me.
Seriously, didn’t the Crusades end a while back? And not Billy Graham’s, but the really bloody ones?
I don’t share your regrets for this type of column. Any advertising is good advertising, they say. And otherwise I’d never see excellent comments to pass off as my own in later conversations like Shush’s and that of Crossovera2.
And to lament the Late “Righteous Rocker” Larry Norman (look up the obit), I’ll crib his lyrics:
“You could be a woman feeler, or a baby stealer,
you could drink your life away,
Or you could be a holy prophet, get a blessing off it,
Or you could fast for fifty days,
You could shake hands with the devil, or give your life to God on the level,
But without love you ain’t nothing, without love,
Without love you ain’t nothing, without love.”
And if anyone still wants to argue with me I’ll quote Jamie Savage from “Mythbusters.”
“I reject your reality and substitute my own.”


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