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Guilt-induced posting

Yes, this is a guilt-induced posting by a blog slacker.

There has been too much time pass between postings and though all I can concentrate on at any given time is work, children or what to do until my home computer arrives – said concentration depending on the severity of my adult add at the time – I feel compelled to write to let friends and relatives know I haven’t moved back down by the river. Too cold by the Potomac anyway.

Rather than trying to contribute to anyone else’s life at the moment, I find myself reading through two different books with the aim of changing my life toward what God wants it to be like. A review of one book will follow once I complete it. I’ll let you know about the other if and when I land a writing gig.

Oh, and one more thing. I fixed my jeep antenna myself and saved $40. See, those years in the U.S. Air Force as a ground radio technician did pay off. I quickly spotted the error – the antenna cable was unplugged from the connection at the antenna base.

This means my children and I can listen to Daniel Amos, other contemporary Christian music and WGTS 91.9.  Only now, thanks to the 77s tune “Pray Naked” playing at high volume so my son could hear the guitar solo, I have to replace the rear speakers.

Guess I’ll forgive “the only boy band you’ll ever need” this time.

Okay – 76 more times but that’s it.


2 Responses

  1. Здравствуйте!

    Пригодится всем у кого есть Авто! тут

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