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Blogging for the big “E”

Folks, what’s not to get about effective “evangelizing?”

You don’t “lead” a person to Jesus, you guide them.

And you sure as hell don’t push them – pun intended.

I’m going off on what I’m reading on another blog that I promised myself I wouldn’t post a comment on for at least a week.
It’s over there in my blogroll on the right hand side. Go on, you know you want to look.

But here, let me expand on the brief testimony given in my blog about Jesus Music.
I came to know Jesus because I saw the peace and love my sister was filled with after she did. I knew scripture. No one was going to beat me over the head with it. I just didn’t get it until I had a real life example to follow.

Now let me boast of my meager credentials – that of going door-to-door “witnessing” to people in Pittsburg, Pa. and helping harass students at UT in Austin about their need for Jesus.
I maybe helped one person out of at least 100 come to know Jesus. I still don’t know if my presentation just overwhelmed him and he wanted to get me off his doorstep or if it was real.

Certainly, Christianity’s message remains as relevant as when Peter preached and 3,000 came forward to be saved.
But the methods have changed through the years.
Early Christians were known by their love for one another and partying. That’s right – partying. Look it up. They’d have a movable feast taking place from house to house, praise God and just plain HELP each other through life. They treated everyone as equal in a society that didn’t.
Who wouldn’t want to go over to a Christian’s house, scarf down some good food and feel wanted and loved?

I take pleasure in knowing someone God has really used since he came to know Jesus in much the same way.

It happened this way.

When I was in the military in the 1980s, my supervisor and I were both active Christians who had to be careful not to overtly seek converts. So we didn’t. We couldn’t or we’d be accused of harassment.
What we could do is have a blast at work and talk about the fun at church.
A friend asked to go with us.
Unknown to us, he had been searching for years to fill a spiritual hunger inside him.
Bam! – he goes to church and accepts Jesus as his savior.
Later in life, I find he’s running an orphanage in Thailand.
Now did I or my supervisor “lead” him to Christ? Nope. We took him to church because he asked.
God’s Holy Spirit put a hunger in this guy that had him exploring every possibility to feed. Then the Holy Spirit arranged to have him find God.
My supervisor and I were merely “beggars leading another beggar to bread” to paraphrase D.T. Niles – some evangelist, I think.
That bread was the “bread of life,” Jesus.

This by no means is meant to denigrate the work of great evangelists and thousands of Christians. There is a place for the big E. After all, my sister was saved at a big rally in the Cotton Bowl.
But I remain convinced that the most effective way is to live Christianity the way God intended it to be – full of abundant life, peace and love for one another.
You can lead them down the “Romans Road” but why apply it to them. The scripture is there and will “not go out void.” Use yourself as an example.
And unless you really feel deep in your soul God’s calling you to go door-to-door like a salesman, concentrate on loving God with all your heart, soul, etc.. and loving your neighbor as yourself.
Then once the example is there and the “Word” is out, let them make their choice.


2 Responses

  1. really good one and thanks for it.

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  2. Evangelism does have it’s place and has saved many- yet of all of the people I know who have become Christians later in life, by far the vast majority did so because a good friend was a Christian.

    My motto? Friendship first.

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