Top 10 ways Christians succeed

Just to get something out on my blog before I lose the last three readers I wanted to put out some positive findings about Christians.

The aim is to find 10 ways Christians succeed, but it is spiritual success based on God’s will and help because, face it, we’re losers on our own.

So I’m putting this out here to edit and add to daily as I can think of one. There’s been so much Christian-bashing lately – some of it deserved unfortunately – that my positive view of Christianity is a little warped. It will take some time to come up with a top 10 due to that. My view of Jesus Christ, however, remains solid. He’s the rock and nothing anyone says or does can mar Jesus, God or the Holy Spirit.

1. Christians will be with God in heaven forever. That’s an eternal definition of success because everything else, no matter how real to us today, will wind down and die. Entropy, one of my favorite concepts.

(More to come)….

Nevermind. This link pretty much puts the question of why Christianity succeeded to rest… 

Christians are still taking a lot of the same actions. Churches in the Washington D.C. area have what’s called a “grate patrol” where food and blankets are given the homeless. There are numerous food pantries across the nation (that could use more food as they are currently overburdened).

But without love it doesn’t mean or help anything. Without God and working through the power of His Holy Spirit it just equals nothing in the long run.


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